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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So much has happened

So I've started back to school.  I started an accounting class a few weeks ago.  I have another class that starts in a few weeks too.  I'm nervous about two classes at once.  But I'm going to suck it up and get it done.  Next semester it looks like I'll actually be a full time student.  I'll be taking 4 classes.  My college offers great scheduling.  I'm going to take one class all semester like a traditional class.  Then they offer classes in blocks, or half of a semester.  So I'll be taking one in the first block and one the second block.  Then on top of that, for certain classes, they offer a super condensed course.  You go to class for 2 weekends, being in class from 5-9 on Friday night, then 9-5 Saturday and Sunday.  One of the classes I need to take is offered that way, and it seems like a class I'll be able to grasp and pick up very easily.  So 4 classes next semester.... Then most likely 2 over the summer.  I'm absolutely out of my mind.  I know this. I have to be.  But I'll be done school in about 2-3 years though, so I know it'll be worth it in the end. 

I talked with my company's HR department about possibly switching into our Finance department, but I'd have to work from headquarters (which is about a 2 hour commute from my house) and I'd have to have a degree to get into the department.  But they won't help me pay for school unless I'm in that department.  Nice little catch-22 for me.  Just solidified that I'll be looking for a new, better paying (hopefully) job once I'm done school.

And on the housing front, we're still stuck in neutral.  I am hoping I have Hubby in a position that he's willing to put some money into our house since it looks like we're going to be here for the next few years.  We have arguments every time I want to talk about it.  He keeps changing what he's saying.  It's irritating.  I'm just hoping we can do something to make the next few years livable.

And finally, on the family front.  We had/are having a problem right now.  I was having irregular bleeding, so I decided to take an ovulation test, figuring I was just ovulating.  I didn't have any ovulation tests but I had a pregnancy test.  I took it and it was positive.  So I went and bought some more tests and took another one the next morning, just to make sure.  Turns out, it was positive.  I had blood work done and it showed my HCG was 28, progesterone was .5.... And two days later, I had another test done, HCG 22 and Progesterone .7.  Of course, I was braced for the miscarriage talk.  My midwife did tell me that, but said she was concerned this pregnancy may be ectopic.  I had an ultrasound done today and the tech said she couldn't see anything abnormal.  So now I'm waiting to hear from my midwife to say what the next step is.  I'm hoping it is just more blood work to see where the HCG levels are and hopefully they've gone down to 0.  So for those of you keeping score, 2 miscarriages, 1 healthy wonderful baby boy.  I'm not going to lie, my emotions are torn and scattered.  Hubby and I are no where near wanting another child yet, but at the same time, I lost a child.  It's just hard to deal with no matter what the situation is.