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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I asked around today

I found a couple people who have said when they have anovulatory cycles, like mine was, they were told to mark CD 1 as the first day of red flow.  By that, anything red that was more than just a spot.  So I looked back over my notes, there was one day that I had some red, but not much more than previous days and I didn't have much after that.  So since my doctor has said it looks like I did have a period, I figure that would be the day if at all.  My temperatures also go down after that day.  So that's the logical choice in my mind.  It still puts me at a 53 day cycle.  So now I'm on CD 19, and I'm waiting.  I'm interested to see if my temps rise in the next few days.  But realistically, going by previous cycles, it could be any time in the next two weeks.  So I guess I just have to wait and see. 

I'm still weighing my options on seeing the specialist and all that.  My husband has advised me that he is not going until August.  Funny, I take it into consideration, but if I decide we need to go sooner, he'll go.  I'm thinking maybe I'll wait until June.  Give us about 5 months, see how my cycles go.  I'm taking Vitex, so that will also give me a chance to see if it's working or not. 

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