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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well, a little update

I talked to my doctor yesterday. When I had gone to see her about a month ago, she wanted me to get a Pelvic Ultrasound after my period. So since this is two weeks after Provera with no period, I wanted to see if I should just schedule the ultrasound. She said yes. Then she said depending on the result, she may decide that I need a D&C. I froze. I didn't realize they did that procedure unless there was a miscarriage. But after some searching, I found that it's something that women with PCOS or other issues can need to have done. Not that knowing any of that makes it any easier to hear that I may need one. So I made an appointment and just tried to not focus on the D&C part. Maybe I'll be ok, they'll tell me the spotting I had for 18 days was a "period" and eventually here I'll ovulate and have a regular period. I just don't know what to hope for. But at least I have some sort of an answer sometime this next week. She said if I didn't hear from her office by Friday, to call them and see if they had the results. And since I live an hour away from my doc, she said she'd be ok just talking over the phone to tell me what the next step is. Which I appreciate. So now I'm just waiting until Tuesday when I go to get this ultrasound done....

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