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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A better day

So yesterday was not good.  I was tired, cranky and didn't feel like dealing with anyone.  Today, is better.  I'm still cranky, not quite as tired... But the little things still bugged me more than they should.  Lovely right?  So the new symptom of today is hot flashes... I've been constantly hot, then cold, then burning up, then cold.  I can't shake it.  But it doesn't feel like I'm getting sick, I just notice that even climbing the stairs, I'm not winded or anything, but I'm almost sweating by the time I'm done.  Really weird.  Actually all the things I was feeling before weren't as bad today, the bloating, cramping and all that fun stuff.  I guess I'll know in a few days if AF will be here.  I'm at 7 DPO now, only 7 to go.  Since Hubby and I are going to go out on Friday I think I'm going to wait to test until Friday moning, that way if it's negative, I know I can have a margarita!  We're going to a good mexican restaurant just up the street from our house.  Good stuff! 

The main bad thing that happened today, Puppers had to go outside about an hour before I was supposed to temp... so I ended up just taking my temp early.  97.77..... but it is above my coverline and they do say that the BBT will go up by about .2 an hour, which puts me right back where my temps have been most of the week anyway.  I did notice something weird last night... I had a few veins on my chest that were more noticeable than before.  People say that's a good sign of a +HPT soon, but I'm not putting any stake in it right now.  Like I said, I've been having these hot flashes (is the easiest thing to call them) and the way your body cools you down faster is by moving veins and blood vessels closer to the surface of your skin.  So who knows.  Guess we'll find out on Friday.

Oh, and Hubby said he's pretty sure I'm pregnant and doesn't know why I'm still temping, testing or anything else.  Boys are so dumb sometimes.  He doesn't want me to test until like March 10.  Not gonna happen.  I'm going to test Friday morning. LOL

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