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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bloat bloat and more bloat

I have a feeling it will just get worse, the closer I get to AF.  I figured if I changed my diet around, and really watched what I ate and all it would help.. at least it hasn't yet!  I hate AF.  I'm still pretty sure that's what is coming, not a BFP.  I'm a little discouraged with my chart right now.  My temps haven't gone up any more.  I would figure with more progesterone in your system the BBT would go up.  But it hasn't.  It's kinda leveled off.  As long as it's above my coverline of 97.59 I'm still in the game, I just don't feel it.  But then again, I felt like I was in other cycles and I wasn't.  So who knows.  Hubby seems to be pretty sure I am.  Hope he's right, but not holding my breath. 

On the good side, I'm going to play some Volleyball tonight! Love it.  I live for Volleyball.  Makes me very happy. 

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