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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cannot believe it!

So I tested on Friday morning and I got a +HPT!!!  I'm so excited!  I woke up and decided I did want to test... I caved, I have no will power!  So I went to the bathroom and tested, went back to my room to change into my clothes for they day and when I went back into the bathroom, my phone was ringing.  Hubby was on his way home.  I picked up the test as I answered the phone (cuz I was sure it was a negative!).  I rushed Hubby off the phone, said I'd see him when he got home.  Ran downstairs, posted a pic on the WTE message boards asking if others could see the line.  It was very faint, but it was there!  It didn't really hit me on Friday, but I didn't get a bit of work done.  So I took another test this morning, I needed to see the line darker.  It was.  When I went back to bed after that, I told Hubby and he said he didn't know how to do this Dad thing.  I told him it's trial by fire, and I'm sure he'll be great. 

We went out and ran errands and I was sooo tired, but I had to run out again.  Hubby was playing video games and I couldn't sit here and watch for a few hours.  So I went to Burlington Coat Factory and looked for some clothes.  I found these two bibs, they are absolutely adorable!  What are the odds that in the end of February I'd find 2 Thanksgiving bibs?  Really!  They both have turkeys on them, one says "Gobble gobble goes the turkey" and the other say "Turkey Day!".  I figured Hubby and I can use them when we tell our parents.  Figured it would be really cute.  Then, I got to the register, they were 50 cents a piece! What a deal!!!  Can't pass it up!  I also got Hubby a book, The Everything Father-to-Be Book.  I'm hoping Hubby will read it and pay attention to it.  It goes into details about what to expect in different parts of the pregnancy and labor and delivery and all.  He seemed excited to get it, so it looks promising.  :)  I'm dying to tell our parents, but I think we're going to wait until after I get an ultrasound done.  We're hoping the end of March.  I have an appt with my midwife's nurse on 3/10.  So I only have 10 days till that, which at this point feels like a lifetime away. 

How I Told Hubby

So when Hubby got here, I ran upstairs, got the little gift I have had since October, and put it on the table where he usually sits.  He sits down and I told him I got him a present for putting up with me being so horrible to him the other day.  He opens it and just looks at it.  He says, "Aw that's cute."  It was a onesie that has a Ravens (his fav team) emblem on it.  I told him since we're going to be bringing a baby home in November, I figured it was fitting.  He just sat there looking at me for a minute.  Then I could just see the joy on his face.  I don't think I'll ever forget how he looked right then. 

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