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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let the headtrip begin!

So with one more high temp tomorrow, it will confirm ovulation for CD 40, or 2/16.  I'm a little concerned about ovulating that late.  I've heard that there's a higher rate of miscarriage when a woman ovulates that late, but then there are a bunch of women that have posted on different message boards saying they've had wonderful pregnancies with no issues for the baby.  We had good timing this cycle, I would have liked a little better, but I'll take what I got. 

So now on to the headtrip... So I'm about 2 DPO (days past ovulation), and I'm already going, "Darn my boobs are sore."  Or "Man those cramps are weird."  LOL!  It's way too early for all that mess and I know it!  But it doesn't stop it from running through my head everytime!  And to make it worse, it doesn't stop me from thinking every time I go to use the bathroom that the HPT's I have aren't that expensive... I can just take a test.  I keep stopping myself saying, "No you moron, Nobody gets a positive at 2 DPO!"  So I'm really trying to hold out until next Friday, 2/26, to test.  I have the FRER test, which claims you can test 6 days before you miss a period, but I'm not thinking that I'll get an accurate result.  I may cave though.  I'm such a mess!  I literally have to stop myself everyday.  I'm such a POAS-aholic!  It's not good for my psyche or wallet!  I seriously think TTC can make a complete maniac out of anyone!

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