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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Appt

So I had my first appt today.  It was just talking with a nurse about family history and such.  She sent me for more blood tests and I'm supposed to call on Friday to get the results.  I have an ultrasound on Wednesday 3/24.  That's also my first appt with my midwife.  I guess I'm telling my boss before I tell our parents... There's no way they are going to give me leeway on 3 Wednesdays in a row.  But Wednesday is our slow day, so that's why I keep scheduling for that day.  But she did say everything looks good so far, so I guess we're going to just keep going.  We're leaving for a friend's wedding in the morning... 8 hours in the car, I know I'm going to have to stop about 20 times for bathroom breaks! LOL.  Hubby is not going to like it.  But Oh Well!  LOL

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