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Monday, March 8, 2010

Numbers are in

So I got my results back from Sunday.  My HCG levels were 1997, which means they did double, which means the bleeding really may have been nothing.  So I'm cautiously excited.  The midwife told me to make an appt for an ultrasound and the way she said it, "Hopefully they'll be able to get you in on Monday or Tuesday."  But when I called the Perinatal center today, they wouldn't schedule me for another 2 weeks.  They kept saying nothing will come up on the scan.  So after I argued with them a bit, I just gave in.  I have an appt on Wednesday with Women's Health and I'll just deal with it then.  If they want me to have one sooner, I'll have them call over there to explain what they want done.  But for now, I'm happy.  I've been having some more cramping, not bad though, just comes and goes.  More like tightness.  Then I've been having other symptoms off and on.  I've had nausea off and on too, it's been pretty bad lately.  So I guess it's a good sign.  I also found out through office gossip that two other ladies in my department are early in pregnancy too.  I'm worried if I don't put in for my leave before them, I may catch flack.  I know my boss has to give me the time off, but it doesn't mean they have to make it easy.  I'm tempted to wait until the end of this month then spill the beans to work, apply for my leave.  That way I don't have to worry about it.  I'm also curious who the other girls are... My source wouldn't divulge names.... LOL

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