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Friday, March 12, 2010

So the new test results are in

Everything is normal and my HCG levels are at about 5k.  Which is good for how far along I am.  I actually stopped and thought today, I'm almost 6 full weeks pregnant... That's a month and a half.  And for some reason, that just blew my mind.  Just thinking that I only have 7 and a half months left before I'm Mommy.  It made me smile. 

So Hubby and I are on a trip for a friend's wedding.  OMG way too long in the car!  I've been trying to keep up with drinking lots of water and for crying out loud I think we stopped about 15 times.  I've decided I can't wait until we tell our parents in a few weeks, if for no other reason, just so I can complain to my mom about how I'm feeling.  Something in my head says that will make me feel better.  And, I all of a sudden feel very fat.  I was really bloated yesterday and I am a little today, but yesterday was bad.  I was in a bad mood because of it too.  Worst thing about it, I know I'm supposed to look fat for another couple weeks!  LOL.  It's all in my head, but that doesn't stop me from having a little freak out about it.  Also, I have been having acne like I'm 15 again.  I really feel sorry for Hubby.  He thinks when we go home on Sunday that we aren't stopping more than 2 times.  HA!  Silly Hubby.  LOL.  Plus being that we are on this trip, I don't have my puppers with me, and I know not having her here, directly affects my mental state! She's my comic relief and I can't wait to get her back on Sunday!  But she's staying with the 'rents and I know they are spoiling her to no end! 

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