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Saturday, March 20, 2010


So today has been a real trial.  I have been on edge.  Hubby plays kickball with friends downtown in a league.  We took puppers this morning to the game.  She just about tore my arm off while I was trying to hold her leash.  Then I was ready to go after the game, since we had other things to do today.  But Hubby was ok with just sitting there talking and BS'ing with friends.  I was really ready to leave him at the field.  Then we went to a birthday party for hubby's cousin's child.  I was so tired!  And I didn't want to bring Puppers to that... but Hubby insisted.  So we brought her, and she was a constant pain.  She kept running in the mud and water.  Thank goodness she was pretty much dry by the time we drove home.  Not only that, today was a horrible day as far as symptoms go.  I felt like crap all day, was extremely constipated, and so tired by the time we got back home, I took a nap.  Hubby just left to go play poker with friends, and I'm really tempted to go to bed.  I can't wait, just two weeks and we tell our parents and I can complain to my mom about how crappy I feel.  Not like she can do much from an hour away, but I can complain and maybe feel better. 

Other than that, I changed my midwife yesterday.  I got an appt with the one I wanted originally.... But it's not until 4/13.... So I'm kinda bummed, but it's still early.  So my first appt with her will be when I'm 10 weeks.  I'm hoping that even though I cancelled my appt with the midwives at the one hospital, they'll let me keep my ultrasound appt I made.  I'm going to call on Monday and try to confirm.  If they tell me it was cancelled because I switched docs, then I'll just have to wait I guess.  We're telling our parents in 2 weeks, and I was joking that since my Sis works at an ultrasound/MRI place, she would prolly pull me into the office that day if I hadn't had one yet.  LOL.  I'm also debating about taking one of those gender tests you can buy in the stores. Just for fun.  But I really don't think Hubby will go for it.  I had talked to him about getting a machine that we could hear the heartbeat, but I don't think he'll go for that either.  LOL.  I know most of these things are bunk, I just want to try them because I'm excited I think.  I wouldn't put much stock in the results of the tests, but I think it would be cool just to do for fun.  The heartbeat thing, I though would be cool if we could do that when we tell our parents.  I think they'd enjoy it. 

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