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Monday, April 19, 2010

It comes and goes

So I'm not sitting here teary all the time, but it definitely comes and goes.  I find myself sad when I have way too much time to sit and think.  So I'm attempting to keep myself busy.  It doesn't help that I live a decent distance from most of my friends.  And not only that, my friends aren't really the go out and do stuff type it seems.  Like don't get me wrong, my friends are great.  It just seems like when we all get together, we go to like restaurants and talk.  I need to get a buddy to go out and do stuff with.  I don't shop too much, but now that it's getting warmer, I want to get into kayaking again.  I used to love it.  There's a state park not far from me that rents Kayaks by the day/week.  So I can't wait until I get a nice day when I don't have to work so I can run over there and check it all out.  I think it'll help me a lot.  Not to mention it's a great workout. 

I tried to start running, yeah, that's not happening.  I'm just not a runner.  I'm not built for it and my lungs kept telling me no.  Seems like the only time I have to use my inhaler anymore is when I try to run any decent distance.  I even tried just building myself up to running more, it didn't work either.  Got dizzy and started getting those spots flying in front of me.  I know that means I'm going to pass out, so I had to stop.  I am just going to have to find something else to do.  I did start Weight Watchers again, and already down 1lb!  LOL.  Hopefully this will give me something else to focus on.

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