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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stupid media

I'm not an emotional person... Little things don't get me weepy.  Today has felt like a barrage and it just sucks.  It is two weeks and one day since I miscarried, and for some reason today everything and everyone is pregnancy related... I am addicted to friends, and of course the ones on my tivo that come up first are the ones where Pheobe is pregnant with the triplets.  Then the ones where Rachel is pregnant... So I stopped watching that... Then I get an email from a website I was ordering pregnancy tests from and I just realized I'm going to have to buy some more soon... and I probably won't get a + off of any of them...  And it seems like everything on tv is about pregnant women... Then I turn on the radio, figuring that's safe.  I've heard the commercial about a woman walking and she says she's not alone.  She's got a "walking companion right here in (her) pregnant belly."  It's a March of Dimes commercial.  I just feel so done right now.  I feel like I can't win.  I just want to sit here and cry. 

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