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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a horrible TWW

So I'm only 5 days into this, and I'm already ready for it to be over.  A few days ago, I really felt like I would just wait it out, no big deal.  I know how hard/long it was for us to get pregnant the first time, and I'm sort of jaded that it'll probably take that long again.  But now that I'm a few days into this TWW, it amazes me how I'm still excited about the idea that I could be pregnant again.  Especially after m/c I thought I'd be more scared about getting pregnant again, and I guess if I do get pregnant right away I'll be a little scared, but I just can't stop myself from being excited as the prospect.  Which from a logical point of view, worries me... How weird is that?  It worries me that I'm not worried.  LOL  So dumb!

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