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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The day from H-E-L-L

OMG, the only thing that could have made today worse would have been getting my period.  So I got up early, had already told myself if my temp went above 98, I'd take a test. I know, it's still really early and I have no will power... So BFN... Didn't get me too discouraged yet though, because like I said, still early.  So I had a lot of errands to run. No sleeping in today.  Got up, got going, made it to the bank, Walmart, the wholesale club.  I felt super productive!  It was only like 11:30, Hubby was still sleeping, I was going to surprise him with lunch, and then shit rolled down hill.  My truck would not start.  I've had this problem ever since I bought it in June '09.  It's been horrible.  So I call roadside assistance, and Hubby.  Hubby comes out, the roadside guy jumps my truck for me, it starts (this is after sitting there for an hour and a half waiting for him).   So Hubby goes home, I stopped to get lunch (drive-thru lunch, I'm not dumb enough to stop the truck now).  On the way back home, as soon as I hit the main road, my truck started jumping and seizing up.  Wonderful.  So I made it off the road and sat there for an hour waiting for a tow.  Hubby came out and figured out what was wrong (only after waiting so long for the tow).  So he gets the truck home.  Fiddles with it a little, and guess what?  He fixed what 17 certified mechanics couldn't.  He figured out what was wrong and now it starts... So he runs downtown in his car, comes back, goes to the grocery store for me, and when he comes out, his car won't start.  Awesome.  By the time we got him home, needless to say, we had a drink.  I think it was well deserved.  So if I'm not pregnant this cycle, we may not be trying for a while.. It looks like we have to replace both vehicles in the next week or so.  And now it's off to bed so I can get up and do all the stuff I couldn't get done today.   Awesome....

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