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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here we go again...

So as you can tell from my ticker, I'm on CD 2.  AF showed.  I knew it would... I realized on Tuesday of this past week that I would have been starting my second trimester.... After that the whole week was nothing but crap.  My truck has been completely ridiculous, Hubby and I have decided to get a new one, so we have at least one reliable vehicle.  So now I'm dreading spending that much money.  Not to mention I've just felt crappy all week.  PMS to the extreme.  And now that I have my period, I just want to cry... all it is is a reminder that I'm not pregnant.  That I was pregnant and lost my baby.  MIL sent me a text yesterday (they don't know so it's just because I have a furbaby), it said something about being a prettiest mom and send to 10 other pretty moms you know.  I played it off because Hubby and I were out together... I said, "Didn't realize I was a mom." just joking around, but all I could think inside was, I would have been a mom.  I would have been 14 weeks pregnant on Mother's Day.  It just sucks all around. 

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