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Thursday, May 13, 2010


So today is CD 7... I couldn't temp this morning (although I didn't think it would be anything interesting) because I am at my parent's house... Hubby and I brought the truck up yesterday to be worked on.  I'm hoping it gets done today.  It stinks being stuck with no vehicle at my own house, it stinks even worse being stuck at my parents with no car.  I did just get word that they know what's wrong with it now, even though Hubby told them what was wrong with it when we dropped it off... But on the good news side, we found a vehicle we like at another dealership, so pretty much as soon as we get this truck back, we'll probably trade it.  I guess we still aren't sure.  I wasn't sure last night and Hubby was determined. Now that I'm ok with it, Hubby is leery of it.  We're a mess. 

Now to the interesting part... I have EWCM today.... It's CD 7 and I have EWCM.  I'm confused.. and to make it worse, like I said, I'm at my parents house... Hubby is at home... I have no OPK's and no way to go get any (and no way to take one without people knowing).  And I left my thermometer at home, not thinking I'd be here for a few days, so I can't even temp to find out.  So I'm just going to sit here and ponder the what if... mainly because if I do ovulate today or tomorrow, there will be no sex.  So this month it won't happen either... but if that is the case, on the good side, this cycle is at least going to be quick.  LOL, a 23 day cycle... that would be crazy!  I doubt that's it, but it would be funny (ironic funny, def not funny haha). 

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