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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maybe it's right.

So a while back I got a reading from a "baby psychic."  You pay like $8 and you get a reading for when you'll get pregnant, what sex the baby will be and when you're due date is.  So here's the reading:

Your reading reveals that a conception takes place the month of June 2010. As your cycles tend to be longer than the usual 28-31 days it is difficult to determine the month this cycle begins - likely the end of May to beginning of June - but the conception definitely is referred to the month of June. The baby shows as a girl and her EDD/birth date is referenced the month of March 2011 - specific reference to the 10th and 17th (so BFP may come in July).

I was looking at it today, if I ovulate anytime after CD 33, it could be true.  That I would ovulate/conceive in June and EDD would be in March.  Maybe not the exact dates, since if I were to have an EDD of 03/10, I wouldn't ovulate until CD 42, which I really hope doesn't happen again.  The three times I've confirmed ovulation, it was CD 18, 24 and 40.  The longest one was my first pregnancy, my m/c.  I'm not sitting here pining over it, but I figure it would be kinda neat if it was true.  But to be completely honest, I'd take it if they were close!  :D 

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