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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Still No O

Day 23, still no ovulation.  I keep feeling like it's going to happen any day now.  But I've felt that way for a week.  I'm actually really tired of temping and using OPK's. 

I spent today shopping with friends.  It was fun.  We spent some time in the Carter's store (a baby clothing store).  And of course since it's a holiday weekend it seems like every person there had children with them (or they were pregnant).  I don't know why, it's just been getting to me more this month than it did last month.  I guess the shock has worn off and now it just sucks.  I was in the store and there was this little purple outfit... It said, "I'm Mommy's dream come true."  It took all I had not to cry when I read it. 

Tomorrow Hubby is playing cards with the guys, so I'm going to be here by myself.  Awesome, gotta love long days by yourself to do nothing but think.  So great.  Sorry, this blog has turned into a pity party.  I just feel really shitty.

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