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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the first phase of waiting begins....

So now I sit, waiting for ovulation.  Day 14 today, which for most would mean ovulation has occurred, is occurring or will occur soon.  For me, it mostlikely means I still have about a 6-15 day wait.  :(  It's weird to have such a broad spectrum to figure out when ovulation is going to happen...  I'm looking into a Clear blue easy monitor.  I've heard good and bad, but really, I can find these for $50 on ebay (originally $150), where as the ovacue (which I would really love to use, since it appears to be more accurate), runs about $300.  But with Ovacue, you don't have to buy test strips.  So I guess it's really worth it if it takes longer than a few cycles to get pregnant.  But, nobody is selling these used (obviously I'd buy new probes since it uses an oral and vaginal probe).  I'm just hoping Hubby doesn't get mad at me if I get one... I'm not spending over $50, so I'm pretty sure I won't get one, unless I get lucky as hell.  If I get one, I just don't know how to tell him I got it.. He's already not happy that I use OPK's.  He doesn't realize it's not like my pee turns a different color or something if I'm ovulating... Like my body gives me signs, but the issue is, my body is screwed up, and I get these signs a few times each cycle.  Usually, about the time I give up trying to interpret the signs, is when I ovulate.  Watch, what will happen is I'll win an auction and buy the stupid monitor, and I'll find out I'm pregnant.  Which believe me, I won't be complaining, but that's the irony that is so prevelant in my life.

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