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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So I had symptoms like I had ovulated the other day.... So today was going to be 5DPO.  Then I had two temp drops, yesterday and today, to just a smidge above the coverline... So then later today, I had a ton of EWCM.  So my crosshairs on Fertility Friend went down to dotted instead of solid... great.... So I took an OPK to make sure I wasn't ovulating late... I got a positive... So my crosshairs went away.  So now I'm concerned about our timing, since we haven't BD'd in a few days.  So if I O tonight or tomorrow, we're not going to have all that great of timing... I'm just frustrated... kinda wish my body would get it together! LOL. 

On a better note, I'm half way done the baby blanket I'm making for a friend.  I'm debating about putting some of the squares together, just to get an idea of how big it will be and how well they'll stay together.  I'm really worried that I'll get all of these done, then they won't look right together...

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