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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My temp went up...

So my temp went up this morning, and I'm pretty sure it'll stay up or go up a little more tomorrow morning.  Which means I missed the O window for the first time in 4 cycles.  By miss I mean I didn't get a +OPK.  If my temp keeps in the pattern that I just O'd, then I will have ovulated on CD 18 (which is a huge improvement from CD40).  And I seduced Hubby 2 days before O and one day after O... not the best odds, but better than no sex right?

Hubby had his interview this morning.  It went well, except one thing.  He was hoping to get the dayshift position that was open.  But they filled the position by transferring someone who was already in the department from Nights to Days.  So now there are two Nightshift positions open.  So if he gets the job, he will be on Nights still.  But he will have the 12 hour shifts, so at least he'll have more days off, so I may get to see him.  He actually called out of work tonight because he went out with friends to watch World Cup Soccer and is too tired.  *insert eye roll here*  Wish I could just call out of work because I wanted to do something fun... Everytime I do it, I get that little lecture from him.  He tells me it's different because I work from home.  I get it that working from home is a definite perk, but for crying out loud, it's still work!  LOL.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'm 2DPO, so I guess I'm officially in the TWW again...  Here we go with going crazy!

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