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Friday, July 16, 2010

So I've decided I'll test tomorrow, IF...

my temp stays above 97.7.  If it's lower, I am not going to bother wasting a test, and I'm sure I'll get my period on Sunday or Monday.  But 11 DPO seems to be when my temp either goes up (when I got my BFP) or goes down (every other cycle I've had).  So I guess we'll see where my temp is tomorrow morning.  I'm using a target brand, so I think they have a pretty good rate at 2-3 days before your missed period.  I remember last cycle they were rated pretty good for early positives. 

And of course, I'm torturing myself this week watching baby week on Discovery Health.  I found out they actually film that NICU show where I am going to deliver... And I'm kinda happy, I picked that hospital because of their excellent NICU, just in case.  It's just kinda nice to see it's that good of a unit that the discovery channel picked them to be the focus of that show. 

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