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Monday, July 12, 2010

A weekend full of running again

So we had a pretty busy weekend.  But it was good.  We had a dinner party with friends on Saturday night.  Then Sunday we went to the furniture store to look for a new bedroom set.  We found some that we like.  I guess now it's just a matter of finding the right mattress.  I love the tempurpedic mattresses.  Hubby is not so sold on them.  I think I may mention getting one off their website.  It's a little more, but at the same time, there's a 90 day trial period.  So if we decide we really don't like it after sleeping on it for a few weeks, we can take send it back.  I'm hoping Hubby gets some good sleep today, so he can sit and talk with me about it tonight.  If we can order it soon, we can have it by the end of next week.  Which would be very nice.  It means this weekend I would have to paint that bedroom and all.  With it being a two day weekend for Hubby, that would be really good, cuz he would be here, and conscious enough, to help me.

So I'm 7DPO and I have a different symptom than usual.  I"m getting the sore chest, cramping, bloated, just like I have been each cycle since the m/c.  But now I'm noticing since two or three days ago, lots and lots of creamy CM.  I've heard it can be a pregnancy symptom, but I'm trying not to get too excited or look too far into it.  I have 4 days left on a VIP trial I got for someone signing up for FF.  I have no idea of who, but if they read this, Thank you. LOL.  Basically I'm going to test on Friday morning.  I figure that's 12DPO and that'll be a pretty acurate result.  I'm pretty sure we aren't though.  And I say that everytime and it still doesn't stop me from getting excited in a few days.  So if I don't post again until Friday, it's because I'm trying not to drive myself crazy.

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