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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Complete change from yesterday...

Ok I swear I'm not crazy.  I had a very very bad day yesterday.  It carried over into today, but I got two pieces of information that make me so happy, I don't care anymore!  First and foremost, apparently my body is getting more "normal"!!!!!!  I'm on CD 15 and I got a positive OPK.  WOW! That's all I have to say.  Really never thought it would happen.  I wasn't expecting to ovulate for another 4 or 5 days!  But I'll take it!!! So happy about that!

Then the second piece of info that made me happy, Sonoma made my boots again this year, and since I wore out my last two pairs (had one pair in black and one in brown, it only makes sense), I need a new set, and I'm sooooooo happy they're making them!!!!  They are so comfy and they are just the ipitamy of my attitude!  I love it!  I bought my first two pairs at JC Penney like 2 or 3 years ago now.  Then I guess Sonoma decided they weren't going to make this style boot anymore.  I was so sad!  Now I found them at Kohl's and I'm ecstatic!  I actually called friends to tell them I found a new pair of my boots!  I told Hubby I may get two pairs, just in case they don't make them next year.  To be honest, if I had the money, I'd get like 10 pairs just so I'll have them for the next 10 years at least!  I love them!  I'll add a pic on here.  The only bad part (and it's not even that bad), they're only in one color.  I'm ok with that though!

You probably really think I'm crazy now, but I don't care.. I'm on such a high from finding out that I'm ovulating and getting a new pair of my boots, then I'm not coming down for a few days! LOL

Another week, more BS

I feel like crap.  Just in general.  But to get the baby-making stuff out of the way first, since this has been irritating me more and more... I am on CD 14, with no idea if I ovulated already or if I'm going to ovulate soon.  I had a bunch of signs, but couldn't get a positive OPK.  And now I'm out of them, so I need to run out and get some more tomorrow.  Yet another thing I need to do, but have no time to get it done.

I feel like I have no time for myself anymore, and even worse than that, I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of by a lot of people.  For starters, Hubby and I had a fantasy football draft this past weekend.  Have to admit, I'm not all that great at it, but I enjoy it, so I play.  Hubby had another draft on Friday, then we had ours on Saturday.  The plan was for him to help me clean and get food prep done before his Friday draft then afterwards he'd help me out some more.  It turned into him going out to the draft, not getting back until 2am, then feeling like hell the next morning.  So that left me to clean the whole house myself, and do all the food prep.  I was soooo livid.  Especially because he was just in a pissy mood on Saturday morning and just such a baby because he was hung over.

Then Saturday night we had the Ravens Game, which was a lot of fun.  We had a good time.  But we argued before we went, because Hubby was tired after his night of drinking and poker... and he didn't get to have some of the food I made because the guys grabbed it all before he could get to it.  So he had to get a nap, and get the teams into the matrix so people could make changes and such before anyone got home.  BLAH BLAH BLAH, whatever.  Did not have the patience to sit there and listen to him bitch that he had fun but now he's tired.

Sunday we ended up going back home (to our home towns) and seeing our families for a bit.  My mom and sister are supposed to walk in an Alzheimer's walk with me in October.  We were planning a few different little things to do as fundraisers, and the more I try to talk to them about it, they keep telling me we have time.  We have about a month.  We're kinda in crunch time to get this stuff planned.  It just annoys me.  It's something that I feel very passionate about, but I hate that it seems like they aren't really taking it seriously.  They were so gungho about it when they signed up, just two weeks ago.  Now they just seem like if they don't raise a dime it wouldn't matter.  It just makes me angry. 

And I'll admit, I've been a royal biotch to Hubby lately.  It's because my weekends are full for the next like 6 weeks, and none of it is for me.  I'm going to be running to baby showers and wedding and such like that until the second weekend in October.  I'm just not looking forward to it anymore.  I feel like I've been running forever and haven't had any time to myself or to do anything for myself this whole summer.  Hubby and I were supposed to get a 3 day vacation and that didn't happen.  A few weeks ago, Hubby tells me he's going on a Man Weekend with the boys to the beach.  It pissed me off to no end because I wanted to do that this summer and I couldn't get him to nail down a time we could go.  Then when he finally wanted to plan something, every weekend was full of shit that we had already agreed to do.  So we didn't get anything like that.  Now he's all excited and talking about how much fun it's going to be.  I just want to tell him to shut the hell up.  I'm jealous.  It's not that I don't want him to go, it's that I wish I was going to something like that and able to have fun.  It does make me angry that he's going to get to go and have fun and have that release.  I'm not going to get that at all this year.  No vacations, no time away with friends, nothing. 

I just feel like I'm busting my ass to do all this stuff, to clean the house, to make dinner every night before Hubby goes to work.  I'm sacraficing all my time and energy to get these things done, and he gets to go out and have fun with friends and stuff, but then I hear about it the next day when he's hung over.  It's not that he's mad at me, it's that his pissy and wants to whine and complain.  It always ends in a fight because I don't want to hear it.  I spent my night busting my hump to clean the house and make food.  DO NOT bitch to me about how you're hung over and tired because you were out drinking and playing poker the night before.  I don't have the patience.  I haven't even had time to go to the gym like I want to.  Then Hubby complains that I'm not going.  Well if I had free time, I would.  But with his schedule then on his days off he has plans every damn day, I can't go.  He tells me, just tell me you want to go it's not a big deal.  I don't want to have to tell him a week ahead of time that I want to go to the gym the following week.  It should be a given that Hey, I have a lunch hour, I'm going to head to the gym and work out some frustrations.  Or if I don't feel like going, I don't have to.  I'm just mad about a lot right now, and when I tell Hubby, he gets mad at me.  So he's allowed to be mad and vent, but I'm not.  Cuz I'm supposed to just sit there and deal with it when he's pissy and bitchy, but when I do it, he's going to get mad at me more.  I don't fucking care anymore.  I just want to be mad and get it out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, there's good and bad

So I'm super excited about this week.  It's going to be crazy, but we have our fantasy football draft this weekend.  I cannot wait!  I got sucked into fantasy football last year.  I didn't do well, but it was one of those I got robbed situations.  I had a team that on paper and predictions was awesome, but then other teams just out played me ridiculously!  So I have a crazy week ahead of making the food, cleaning up the house and all so that we have have 12 people in the house with no issue.  Our house is small, so 12 people in here in one room is a bit much.  I am hoping the weather cooperates.  It's supposed to be like 80 and nice and sunny this weekend, so I'm hoping we can do this outside.  It should be nice out, so that way the house has to be clean, but we don't have to move furniture around to get everyone to fit. 

This is my first cycle in over a year that I haven't temped, and I'm a little nervous.  I'm feeling good, because I don't have to get up every morning at the same time.  I can sleep in if I want to.  But at the same time, I'm getting to the point in my cycle where I should be ovulating in the next week or two.  So I'm starting to get worried that I'm going to miss it completely.  I'm not going to get any signs so I'm not going to know when/if I ovulated.  It's all in my head.  My body gives me signs and I know how to recognize them.  It's just me in my own head I guess.  It's one of those things where my life is easier because temping every morning was a constant reminder of where I was in my cycle and I was always on FF and WTE just reading and obsessing over everything.  Now I am finding that I don't think about it all day everyday.  I think about it at least once a day, but it's so much better than it was. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Possibly the worst week in a long time

So I have been tired and not feeling good all week.  My period started on Tuesday, and I have just felt off ever since.  Then I get a call on Thursday that my dad was taken to the hospital because he had very low blood pressure.  I figured they were going to give him some fluids and he'd be fine.  Then my sis calls to tell me they are admitting him, keeping him and he's going to the ICU because they think he was bleeding internally.  So I sat here trying to keep composure, but that didn't happen for long.  I took time off work to go up there, since my family made it seem like he was on his deathbed or something.  When I got there, everyone was completely calm, the docs told me he'd be fine, they just had to keep him a few days longer.  My family started telling me I didn't have to make the trip.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went, because if it was serious, I want to be there, ya know?  But they could have told me it wasn't that much of an emergency, that I could have waited until I got out of work to run up there.  My dad is ok now.  He was released today and is home.  Thank God.

Now I've had a headache all day, my stomach hasn't felt good, and I had to cancel plans to hang out with a friend.  It's so weird.  I just don't feel like myself.  Not to mention, DH and I have been arguing lately over the dumbest things, and I don't know why.  We're trying to refinish our front door.  It's a solid wood door, and the previous owners painted it red and white... it's not a good job either.  If you paint over chipped and flaking paint, the new paint, will chip and flake too... Like so many other things in our house, they did it completely half-assed.  So I've been working on it.  First it was sanding it with a battery operated hand sander and got nowhere.  Then I asked Hubby to get some paint stripper... He came home with a flat disc for a grinder.  We have a battery operated one.  I got about a 1ft x 1.5ft area done, then I had to recharge the battery.  So Hubby said I should go out and get an electric grinder from a tool discount store.  So I did.  Came home, worked for a few more hours, got most of the door done.  But with it getting dark and all, we had to put the door back on and deal with it looking worse for a week.  I got some paint stripper, since I figured it would probably be easier than sanding/grinding the whole thing, and we have some millwork done on the door, and using a sander/grinder would ruin it.  Tried that today on the door, it was horrible.  It was so hard to get the paint off the door.  So there's a local shop here that will remove paint from old furniture, they specialize in removing lead paint, etc.  I brought it up to Hubby that since they do free estimates, maybe we should call them and see how much it would cost us.  Mind you, just a few days ago, he was talking about getting a new door all together.  He starts going off about how much money am I willing to spend to redo this door, saying that I do this all the time, I get into projects and I don't finish them, or the minute they get hard I stop and try to get someone else to finish them.  I just gave up.  He's pissy for some other reason and just taking it out on me.  I told him flat out, I thought it was going to be easier than it is, and I'm in a little over my head.  I'm not too proud to admit that and ask for help.  He sat there and said if he has to sand it he will and blah blah blah.  I'm tempted to just tell him he has to finish it if he wants it done.  I figure there's no harm in calling this place and just finding out.  Apparently I'm wrong though.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Day, new cycle....

So things have changed quite a bit today.  Last night I sent Hubby an email saying I needed to know if he would be supportive if I went and started fertility treatment this cycle.  I was upset when I wrote it, I knew my period was going to start today.  He didn't take it the way I wrote it, and it turned into a huge argument.  Basically he said if I was going to be deceptive and go behind his back to get pregnant, we weren't going to make it in our marriage.  I was irate when I read it.  He accused me of being deceptive, calling him names, and not caring about his feelings.  We've always been proud of the fact that at least when we argue, we fight fair.  And what he wrote to me definitely wasn't fair.  Even though he was here and I could have just talked to him, I wrote him back.  I was so upset and mad that I couldn't stop crying.  I knew if I tried to just talk with him, I wouldn't get everything out that needed to be said.  I wrote that I would NOT stand for him to say things like "if (I'm) going to start pulling this shit then we won't make it past our 2 or 3 year anniversary."  If that is the way he really felt, we'd pack up all our shit, divide it in half, sell the house and go our seperate ways.  I fight fair, and I will not let anyone, especially him, talk to me like that, or threaten me with that.  The minute he woke up, he told me he felt sick as soon as he sent it.  He knew he shouldn't have written it, that felt horrible.  Needless to say we had a good talk.  We're just both so stressed about this whole situation. 

In between the accusations, I did manage to find his reasons why he has been hesitant about going to the clinic for treatment.  He said that we just have all this stuff planned out for the next 6 months or so.  I mean, if all goes according to plan, we're going to be credit card and loan free (excluding our car and house loans), we're going to be done a lot of the projects that are going to make this house a LOT better.  We also recently got season tickets to the Ravens and he's really worried that if we get pregnant, I'll end up really sick and won't be able to do any of those things, or won't be able to work and it will derail all of our plans.  When he actually explained it, I understand that.  He never said these things when we talked before, it was just him demanding that he wasn't ready but not really giving me reasons or justification. 

So we've decided we're just going to keep trying naturally.  We're not going to force ovulation with treatment, at least not right now.  If we get pregnant on our own and that derails our savings plan, that's ok.  I've decided I'm done temping and all that.  Hubby actually encouraged me to keep using OPK's.  He said he thinks I know enough about my cycles to know when I may be ovulating.  He even said he knows how important it is to me, and it's just as important to him, that he wouldn't be upset if I tell him I'm ovulating.  So we definitely made some progress today.  I'm very happy that I'm not going to temp anymore.  I'll be able to sleep in with no interuptions, not worry when we travel, not sit here staring at the damn chart wondering if I ovulated yet or if my temps are high enough for me to be pregnant.  I think I just need a break. 

Monday, August 16, 2010


I am just sitting here waiting trying to figure out what I'm going to do tomorrow.  I think I'm going to start my period, but every fiber of my being wants to test anyway.  It's so dumb!  I guess I'm going to wait and see what my temp is tomorrow morning.  If it tanks again, I don't have to worry about testing... if it goes up more, I guess I should test.  It doesn't help that Hubby thinks I spend unholy amounts of money on HPT's each month.  I had to explain to him that I use maybe 1 a cycle.  And usually, those are the cheapie internet test strip ones. 

He doesn't want me to test until I'm 2 weeks late.  WHAT?! Not going to happen.  Told him to go ahead and get that out of his head now, cuz it's not going to happen.  I'm just so frustrated that I'm not pregnant that I really don't have the patience to sit here and argue with him.  I mean, does he think I'm that irresponsible or crazy?  I am not trying to spend our savings on pregnancy tests.  I feel so crappy right now, I'm just going to go to bed... I have a million things to get done around the house, and I can't bring myself to do any of them. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today is my birthday (a little in depth, just to warn you)

So I woke up, excited because we were going to one of my favorite restaurants for brunch.  They have such good food, and we don't get to go that often, so needless to say I was super excited.  But that stopped pretty quick.  I went to the bathroom and had started my period (or so I thought, explanation coming).  I was so bummed.  I walk back into the bedroom, Hubby tells me my family isn't coming for the brunch like they had planned.  Double bummer.  So I just broke down and cried.  It just felt so horrible.  I was so upset, because my first period after the m/c was on Mother's Day.  The second was on Father's Day... The third was a random day in July, then this one is my birthday.  I can't think of a more crappy sequence of events.  But Hubby convinced me to go to brunch and have fun.  So we did.  We ended up inviting my family down to hang out for dinner and such, and play poker. 

After coming back from brunch and last minute grocery shopping for the BBQ, I changed my protection.  No period.  Just passed one larger clot-like clump early, then nothing.  Nothing at all.  So I guess my body just wants to mess with me.  So I enjoyed the rest of the day with my family, friends and Hubby.  But I have to say, I'm not optimistic for this month.  Just the spotting, the temp tank this morning (which I have no idea of what the heck that was!), and all, just thinking this isn't our month.  But I guess a few more days will tell.  Since this is 11DPO, I should only have one or two more days, if it keeps true to form.  I'm going to not test I believe... I don't think I really have any reason to test.  Hubby did see how upset I was this morning though and talked about if I decided to go to the clinic, he's support me.  So at least that's good.  But like I said, time will tell. 

So all in all, a good birthday.  Kinda wish the whole thinking my period started this morning thing hadn't happened, but now I'm back to waiting. 

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FF changed my O day.

So I O'd one day earlier, and my coverline went down.  Not that I'm complaining, makes my temps look a little better.  So I'm 8DPO.  My birthday is Sunday and I can't decide whether to test or not.  It's only 11 DPO, so my gut is telling me not to.  It would be such a great birthday gift, but it would also just kill me if it's negative.  I guess I just decided for me... not testing.  Couldn't take it if it is negative. 

So I guess I'm waiting until Tuesday if I don't start my period by Tuesday morning, or don't think I'm about to start, then I'll test.  I don't think I am though.  Just feeling like I always do the week before my period, so I'm pretty sure I'm not.  I hate this waiting game.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fundraisers for the Alzheimer's walk and 6DPO

So I'm throwing myself into fundraising for the Alzheimer's Walk so that I don't freak every 5 minutes about testing or waiting to test, ect.  So far, Hubby and I have come up with two poker tourney's and a wine tasting.  I'm hoping we do pretty good at them.  I'd love to be able to turn in our goal of $500 when we go for the walk. 

But I am 6DPO.  My face is breaking out, I'm bloated beyond belief, my chest hurts half the day, the other half I have cramps that come and go.  Ah, to be a woman, this is so great. 

I still haven't talked to Hubby about the whole going to the fertility clinic again.  I really think I'm going to tell him that if we aren't pregnant this cycle, we're going to do the preliminary stuff, then if we aren't pregnant next cycle, we're doing it.  That puts us at the end of September when we start.  I really don't know why he's so damn hesitant.  I just wish he understood that if we do this, I don't have to temp, no OPK's and no testing at home.  All of it is done at the office.  It would be really nice not to have to hold my pee for hours on end waiting to test. 

I also have a pretty nasty bruise on my hand that I'm not sure of how it got there... It showed up a few days ago, so I'm hoping it goes away in the next few days.  I hate that I bruise like this... It usually is random and they just stick around forever.  I had one on my arm recently for like 2 weeks!  I'm really hoping this one doesn't do that. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alzheimer's Walk

I am walking in an Alzheimer's Walk in my area.  I lost my Great-Aunt (who spoiled me to death and was so wonderful to me) and my Great-Grandmother to this disease.  I am really trying to raise a good amount of money for this and I'd really love any help anyone who reads my blog could give me.  I really appreciate any donation or even just passing on the link.  You can donate by clicking on the thermometer on the left, or by going to:

On other notes, still waiting to see if I ovulated or not... I'm a little confused.  My temp this morning was 98 at 9:30 (an hour and a half after my usual temp time).  And not to mention, I can't use my basal thermometer, because I left it at my parent's house when I visited there last weekend.... GRRRR!!!  Not only that, I've done experiments, where I woke up at my usual time, then woke up about an hour or two later, took my temperatures each time, they were the same... so I don't know if I should adjust my temp by the "normal" amounts... It would put my temp as 97.7 at 8am.  I don't think that's what it would have been, but I guess I need to wait and see what my temp is tomorrow... Hopefully my lazy butt gets up on time!  LOL

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm pretty sure that's what I'm at.  I'd say 2DPO, but FF doesn't give me crosshairs unless my temp goes up again tomorrow and Sunday.  So I'm going to say 1DPO since that's what that experts say.  So now begins another TWW.  Which means I'm going to test on Thursday August 19th.  So now begins the time when I have to watch everything I do, to make sure it's not something I shouldn't do when pregnant, but at the same time, try and stay occupied enough that I don't think about this 24/7.  So much fun to play this game. 

I have not tried to talk to Hubby again about the fertility clinic.  I'm sure he isn't going to change his mind.  And it really really annoys me that he is so set on his opinion that he doesn't even care to hear my concerns.  I just don't want to wait anymore.  I'm so tired of this roller coaster ride... and I know that by doing the Clomid with Timed intercourse doesn't mean we'd definitely get pregnant, but there's an 80% success rating within 4 months.  That's a hell of a lot better than what we got now.  I just want this to be done, I want to be pregnant. 

I got two invites for showers today.  Here's the best part, the two friends are having their showers in the same weekend, one Saturday, one Sunday.  They are the two that they're due mid-October, and late October... and I was due in the beginning of November.  So it's going to be a weekend from hell... I'm so happy for them, and it's so great that they are pregnant and all, but that weekend is going to constantly remind me that I'm not pregnant anymore.  I guess my only prayer to make it through that weekend is that I'm pregnant this cycle. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I went to the fertility clinic today.

So I went and talked with the fertility doctor.  They confirmed that the best course of treatment is Clomid.  They'd be ready to start me on 50mg next cycle.  I found out how much work is involved in taking it.  Basically I'd have to call them on CD 1, tell them I'm coming in for bloodwork and an ultrasound on CD 3.  They'll call me later that day and let me know the results, whether I can take the clomid on CD 5-9.  If they tell me I can't, that means there's some other issue that needs to be addressed as to why I cannot get pregnant.  If they tell me I can, then I do.  On CD 12 I'd have to go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork.  Depending on how big the eggs are, they'll do the bloodtest and see what my LH level is.  If it's above 30, then that means I'm going to ovulate and Hubby and I need to get it on.  If the LH isn't above 30, then I have to go back everyday until it is.  If it doesn't go above 30 on it's own, I'd have to take a shot of HCG, then go have sex. 

Hubby has decided he's not on board with this.  I don't know why exactly.  The only thing I can think of is it's too clinical for him.  Whenever this comes up, he keeps saying there's no romance to it.... Well no, after a year of trying, the romance of the idea is kinda gone.  Not only that, he keeps saying it should be "fun."  I stopped having "fun" after the miscarriage a few months ago.  This is not fun for me, taking OPK's and temping every morning is not "fun."  But I have to keep doing it, otherwise I don't know when my period is, or when I'm ovulating or when to test or anything.  So basically I feel like everytime he says that he's not on board with just getting treatment, I'm still in this prison.  Everything I do everyday revolves around where I am in my cycle, if I could be pregnant, or ovulating, or if my period is coming.  Yes, it's supposed to be easier, and yes it's supposed to be this fun thing that once you say you want kids, it just happens for you.  But it's not happening that way.  So I can either sit here and just wait and keep going how I'm going, keep temping every morning, holding my pee for 4 hours for days on end waiting for a positive OPK, getting excited everytime I see my temps stay up for more than 12 days, then feel like dying inside when they drop on 13 DPO.  Or I can go to a clinic and get help.  Gee, I guess Hubby chooses the first option, and I don't have a choice. 

The thing that pisses me off the most, I told him the doctor told me there's nothing "wrong."  I'm just not ovulating as often as most women do.  So that's why clomid would be good for me, more chances to get pregnant.  Well, Hubby took that as, there's nothing wrong, no need to go get treatment.  Treatment is a "last resort."  I seriously want to scream.  But I know how it's going to go, he's going to get mad and we'll yell it out... then he'll say if you really want to go, go.  But I want him to support me.  I don't want to have to scream at him and cry and make him feel bad to get him to come around to my point of view.  He wrote an email to me the other day saying, "Once you're pregnant, I'm your man, 100%.  I'll go get you ice cream at 2am, anything you need."  Why does it take me getting pregnant for that?  And I'm not even asking him to do anything.  I'm the one who is going to be poked and proded.  Not him.... his only responsibility in this is the give a sperm sample for analysis, get a blood test done, then have sex when the time comes.  What is so hard about that?  Seriously?  I would think this would be MY decision, not his.  I'm the one who's life has been completely lost in this whole process.  I mean, I don't drink on certain weeks, cuz I may be pregnant by then, I don't use certain products, I don't eat certain foods, I don't take certain meds.   I just really wish he'd see this from my point of view.  It sounded so nice today when the doctor told me if I started with clomid and all, no more temping, no more OPK's, no more HPT's.  I can't tell you how wonderful that sounds.  But, since Hubby isn't on board, guess I have to keep going.  Nothing else to do....  He's not going to come around.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Up so early today

So I am up super early.  Or at least super early for me.  I never get up before 8:30.  I was up at 7 today. 

I'm thinking I either got some weird mixed up symptoms, or I'm ovulating.  It feels really weird right now.  I am getting tightness in my abdomen like I do before cramps for a period.  But I'm only on CD 17, so I don't think I'm starting my period.  I'm nervous about my appointment tomorrow.   I'm going to the fertility clinic and I can't help but think they are going to tell me that something is really seriously wrong, or that there's nothing they can do to help me.  I know it's highly unlikely, but I guess it's just the anticipation.  It's nerve-wracking to just sit here and wait for this appointment.

And to make it worse, Hubby refuses to go with me.  His mind is made up that if he doesn't go, it won't be any big deal, they'll tell me I just need some bloodtests, then clomid.  But he also thinks if he goes, then the doc will tell us we need to have IVF or IUI, with all the injections and everything that mainstream America thinks are fertility treatments, and in his mind, always ends with 6 kids or more all at once.  Can I just say, his ignorance does not equal my bliss?  And the worst part, he has told me that he knows these thoughts are irrational.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go get a new bedroom set.  I need to go look at Value City or something.  I found something I really like at Roomstore, but Hubby mentioned me going and looking elsewhere.  I'm half tempted to just tell him I went and didn't see anything that would work for us.  Just so I don't have to run all over kingdom come looking for a set.  After the other night, we've both decided instead of waiting for us to pay off everything, we need a new set now.  Our boxspring is broken, so the bed sags, and it doesn't have any support at all.  Not only that, we're debating between a queen and king bed, which would be much better than the full size bed we have now.  We have room for a king, but I'm not sure I want to sacrafice that much floor space.  So I guess I'm going to do measurements later today, see how it looks.