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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fundraisers for the Alzheimer's walk and 6DPO

So I'm throwing myself into fundraising for the Alzheimer's Walk so that I don't freak every 5 minutes about testing or waiting to test, ect.  So far, Hubby and I have come up with two poker tourney's and a wine tasting.  I'm hoping we do pretty good at them.  I'd love to be able to turn in our goal of $500 when we go for the walk. 

But I am 6DPO.  My face is breaking out, I'm bloated beyond belief, my chest hurts half the day, the other half I have cramps that come and go.  Ah, to be a woman, this is so great. 

I still haven't talked to Hubby about the whole going to the fertility clinic again.  I really think I'm going to tell him that if we aren't pregnant this cycle, we're going to do the preliminary stuff, then if we aren't pregnant next cycle, we're doing it.  That puts us at the end of September when we start.  I really don't know why he's so damn hesitant.  I just wish he understood that if we do this, I don't have to temp, no OPK's and no testing at home.  All of it is done at the office.  It would be really nice not to have to hold my pee for hours on end waiting to test. 

I also have a pretty nasty bruise on my hand that I'm not sure of how it got there... It showed up a few days ago, so I'm hoping it goes away in the next few days.  I hate that I bruise like this... It usually is random and they just stick around forever.  I had one on my arm recently for like 2 weeks!  I'm really hoping this one doesn't do that. 

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