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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Up so early today

So I am up super early.  Or at least super early for me.  I never get up before 8:30.  I was up at 7 today. 

I'm thinking I either got some weird mixed up symptoms, or I'm ovulating.  It feels really weird right now.  I am getting tightness in my abdomen like I do before cramps for a period.  But I'm only on CD 17, so I don't think I'm starting my period.  I'm nervous about my appointment tomorrow.   I'm going to the fertility clinic and I can't help but think they are going to tell me that something is really seriously wrong, or that there's nothing they can do to help me.  I know it's highly unlikely, but I guess it's just the anticipation.  It's nerve-wracking to just sit here and wait for this appointment.

And to make it worse, Hubby refuses to go with me.  His mind is made up that if he doesn't go, it won't be any big deal, they'll tell me I just need some bloodtests, then clomid.  But he also thinks if he goes, then the doc will tell us we need to have IVF or IUI, with all the injections and everything that mainstream America thinks are fertility treatments, and in his mind, always ends with 6 kids or more all at once.  Can I just say, his ignorance does not equal my bliss?  And the worst part, he has told me that he knows these thoughts are irrational.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to go get a new bedroom set.  I need to go look at Value City or something.  I found something I really like at Roomstore, but Hubby mentioned me going and looking elsewhere.  I'm half tempted to just tell him I went and didn't see anything that would work for us.  Just so I don't have to run all over kingdom come looking for a set.  After the other night, we've both decided instead of waiting for us to pay off everything, we need a new set now.  Our boxspring is broken, so the bed sags, and it doesn't have any support at all.  Not only that, we're debating between a queen and king bed, which would be much better than the full size bed we have now.  We have room for a king, but I'm not sure I want to sacrafice that much floor space.  So I guess I'm going to do measurements later today, see how it looks.

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