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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Now at 10dpo it's harder

It's so hard to wait to test!  Today is 10DPO and I am losing my will power, as I do every cycle.  I am trying really hard not to test tomorrow morning.  I've admitted to Hubby that my resolve is dissolving!  I'm actually kinda hoping he tells me to test tomorrow... just because he's usually the one who is mad at me if I test before my period.  So if he tells me to test, I think it'll be a good thing, cuz he told me yesterday he thinks we got it this time.  We'll see in the next couple days I guess. 

I had some spotting today, but it wasn't even spotting... it was just the slightest tinge of color in my CM.  Plus I've been having some soreness in my boobs too.  Today I've been having some bloating/uncomfortableness in my lower abdomen, but nothing that feels like AF is coming.  I have had sore boobs every cycle ever since the m/c though, so I'm really trying not to look too far into it.  I'm really hoping I can hold out and test on Thursday at the earliest, but I guess we'll see!  I'm horrible at this!

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