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Friday, November 12, 2010

12DPO and a BFP!

Yesterday was a good and bad day.  I was working and since there was no mail delivery for Veteran's Day, my work was slow and I was allowed to leave early.  So Hubby and I took advantage of the short day and went to dinner.  We went to this mexican restaurant that we love.  Their Taco Salad is sooooo good! Definitely not good for you at all, as the Salad part implies, but very good tasting!

We got home and Hubby went downtown to hang out with friends for the Ravens Game.  It's the first Thursday night game of the season.  I was sitting here snuggling with Puppers and I was in so much pain and just uncomfortable.  I decided I didn't care, my boobs had not hurt this much since February/March when I had my first pregnancy.  Then on top of that, my ear is killing me (not really exciting, just hurt and wasn't helping), then for some reason my hip felt like it was out of socket last night.  Again, nothing really exciting just annoying.

So I sent Hubby a text saying that I was going to bed, and that I was testing in the morning because of my boobs hurting so much. 

I tested this morning, and got a positive.  I got up, took the test, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth.  Looked at the test with kinda half sleepy eyes.  I've gotten a false positive before so I was a little skeptical.  Granted my false positive was on the internet cheapie strip tests.  This time I tested with a FRER.  I got a positive!  I walked back in the bedroom to get Hubby to look at the test too.  Make sure I wasn't seeing things.  It wasn't a super faint line, but it wasn't easily noticeable either.  He looked at it and confirmed that my eyes weren't just messing with me. 

So I'm obviously very happy, but still a little worried.  I mean, I think once I get a darker test, no spotting/bleeding and a few more weeks go by, I'll feel better.  I do really want to tell our families on Thanksgiving though.  I think it may help my family a lot... We've had enough bad news this year.  We need some good news. 

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