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Thursday, November 4, 2010

And it's 4dpo

So now I'm 4dpo and just waiting.  This weekend Hubby and I are going up home to visit family for a bit.  Hubby is going to hang out with a friend in the afternoon, then we're probably going to play cards with my family.

Hubby was on day shift this week, granted it was only two days, but it was nice to have him on the same schedule as me.  It was neat to see how most normal couples live.  Plus the way our schedules matched up, I could get done work, then make dinner and he was home right about the time it was done.  It was definitely weird.  But good weird.  It also felt really good that all this week he's been actually sleeping at night.  Usually even on his days off, he's on a nightshift schedule, so he won't be able to fall asleep until like 4 or 5 am, then he sleeps until the early afternoon.  But now he has the whole weekend off too, so it's been a good week in the T household. 

Aside from that, my life is still occupied by trying to get pregnant.  I did however get introduced to a wife in Hubby's group of friends (I had met her a few times before, but we never really got a chance to talk), and she and her hubby have been trying for about 8 months now.  I could tell that she doesn't have anyone to talk to about the whole process because the minute she found out that we've been trying for so long, she just about broke down in tears.  She immediately asked me if I minded talking with her and all, basically being a confidant for her.  Neither of their families know, only a few friends know and nobody she knows has ever been through anything like this.  It's the same as my story.  So I made a new friend in this journey.  I actually need to get in touch with her and see if she wants to have lunch next weekend.... guess I better get on facebook! LOL. 

And on that note, I'm outta here!  Like I said, I'm just waiting.  It's too early to post on any symptoms or anything.  Although yesterday I got some boob sensitivity, and I remember just sitting here thinking to myself, "Really?.... Already?.... This is crap....."  LOL

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