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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Updates from the fourth week

So tomorrow I will be exactly 4w pregnant.  I am calling my midwife on Monday morning to get my confirmation bloodwork done too.  I feel pretty good about everything. 

I had a little spotting yesterday morning and it completely derailed me.  I was so distracted all day.  I was at the mall with some friends.  I know they think something's wrong with me.  I just couldn't focus on anything except if I was still spotting.  It was so hard too.  These two chicas have been around through everything.  I've known them both since elementary school and we really became friends in middle/high school.  So we're really close.  It took a lot of control not to just blurt out to them what was going on.  Especially after we ate lunch and the one friend said, "I think Anna has a food baby."  The only thing going through my head was, It's more than a food baby.... LOL.  I am going to tell one of them this weekend.  She was the one who was there when I had the miscarriage earlier this year. 

Once we get some confirmation, I'm hoping they'll schedule me for an early u/s.  I'm going to ask my midwife for one if they don't come out and say it.  I just think if I can get an u/s whenever they believe they'll be able to see a heartbeat, Hubby and I will feel a lot better. 

We're also going to tell our families on Thanksgiving.  I know hubby doesn't want to think about it yet, but it's been going through my mind since I got the +hpt.  I still have all the stuff upstairs, so I think we're just going to use that.  I have a Ravens onesie, a little wolf teething thing, a dallas bib and a few other things.  So I just need to think of how to give it to them, or if we're just going to come out and tell them.  Again, I'm thinking of this, Hubby refuses to so far.  I know I have like a week to get this stuff done too, so I'm not too concerned about it.  Just kinda looking for ideas. :D

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