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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas with the families

So we've had an eventful time since the last time I posted.  I posted last Saturday and said how we had the internment for Dad that day.  Later that night, my mom took my sister to the hospital.  She had been sick the whole day.  She couldn't keep anything down.  When they got to the ER, they admitted her.  Turns out after a lot of tests, she was bleeding internally and had really bad Colitis (inflammation and irritation of the colon).  After being in the hospital for about 5 days, she was released on Thursday afternoon.  She was released with strick instructions to stay on a bland diet and drink a lot of fluids.  So thank goodness she's ok.  I can only imagine the stress that my mom has been under these last few weeks.  She needs some time to rest and recoup herself.  Hopefully nothing else happens. 

To make the holiday even better, my truck is in the shop again...  This time with multiple issues.  But the shop is being proactive and found a few other things that are wrong or would cause issues in a few months.  So instead of having it for just a day, they were going to have it for almost a week.  So under our warranty/service plan, if they have my truck for a long period of time we get a rental car.  So they made us drive up to the local Enterprise by the shop instead of being able to get the rental from one by us.  When I got there, mind you I drive an SUV, they had a Hyundai Accent for me.  I decided since it was just going to be a few days and all, I wouldn't argue with them about it.  So after I got the car, I was running errands and realized this car has no power anything... No power windows, no power locks, nothing.  Then to make things better when I was driving home the check engine light came on.  So I was livid.  Then come to find out when I called the 24 hour number for Enterprise today, I was on hold for about 35 minutes before I just gave up and decided I'd call tomorrow.  I'm going to tell them to come get the car.  I'm not driving it with the check engine light on.  And they're going to hear how I think it's not right that I was given such a small car after having my truck, and how I didn't even get comparable amenities in the vehicle.  I know that may be more on the shop than the rental agency. 

So every year we go to each of the families on each holiday.  For Thanksgiving this means going to each family's house for dinner.  Luckily the dinners are at different times so we can usually make both.  Christmas is a little trickier though.  Christmas Eve my family doesn't do anything, Hubby's family does.  So we end up there on Christmas Eve since his Aunt & Uncle and cousins are all there.  Then we usually come back home that night (an hour drive without traffic).  We have Christmas morning here, then go back up to Hubby's other grandmother's house for a lunch/dinner, and then we go to my parents house later in the evening for dinner.  It's a lot of eating, but we can usually manage. 

This year, we did Christmas Eve at Hubby's family's house.  It was a good time, for the most part.  His family has been in a mini-civil war that everyone tries to pretend isn't happening around the holidays so the kids have a good time.  Despite that, it was a lot better than we expected.  No fights, no flipping outs, well, the kids did when they opened their gifts, but that's good.  Then we decided to stay up there, but at my parent's house.  There was a storm that was supposed to come through, and we didn't want to drive that much this year if we could help it.  So we slept on my sister's bed.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family for putting us up, but man her bed is hard!  But Christmas morning was good with my family.  Then Hubby's grandma had moved dinner to later, and my family had moved their dinner earlier, so we went to his dinner this year, and not mine.  Which wasn't an issue.  It just meant less running around for us.  I felt horrible by the time it was all said and done.  I have a sore throat and my nose is constantly congested.  I've been congested since day 1, but the sore throat started on Christmas morning.  So that's been fun.  Today it felt even worse!  I've been sucking on peppermint, drinking hot tea with honey... it helps a little, but it's not going away yet.  :(

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wow, possibly the hardest two weeks of my life...

So as some of you know, I posted that my dad passed away last Wednesday.  Being pregnant and dealing with that was harder than I could have every imagined.  I mean, dealing with losing a family member is hard enough, but knowing how much my dad wanted a grandbaby, and how happy he would have been to be here to see it.... Then add morning sickness, fatigue, hormones and trying to hide all this from my family and be strong for them, I really don't know how I made it through.  On Friday we got good news, as I said in the last post, we saw and heard our little one's heartbeat.  The tech told us everything looked good.  So that was awesome.  Monday was the viewing and funeral.  That was really hard.... I think the last count my mom had from the guest book thing, was about 260 people showed up.  It was absolutely amazing and humbling to know my dad touched so many lives.  Today though, had to be the hardest day of my life so far.  My dad was cremated, so we didn't have an internment after the services.  We did that today.  Realizing all that was left of my Dad was in a small box that we were burying, was almost too much.  But I made it through.  I don't know... even seeing him in the casket at the funeral, I was ok... but today was just such finality or something... I can't really explain it, but I think everyone will know what I mean. 

And now onto my issues that seem so trivia now compared to what I've gone through this week.  I had to start using vaginal suppositories on Monday.  They are horrible... I have to use 2 a day, one when I get up in the morning and one before bed.  They suck... big time.... So much discharge! I literally feel like someone has installed a faucet in my vagina and turned it on full blast.  Ugh!  So annoying!  I'm half tempted to ask the doctor if I can just do the injections.  I don't even like needles, but I think that would be better than this!  I feel like I need to not leave the house for at least 3 hours after I use the one in the morning, then I'm uncomfortable for a few hours after I use the one at night.... So nasty! 

And now I'm so tired, that I think I may sleep until Monday morning... And at this point, that may not even be enough sleep. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally some good news!

I had my ultrasound today.  We got to see the heartbeat on the abdominal ultrasound and internal.  It was 150 which is perfect according to the ultrasound tech.  We also found out my EDD has changed.  It's now a day earlier.  So I measured 7w5d instead of 7w4d.  LOL  I know, first kid, they're going to be late anyway!  But I'm just so happy that my little one is ok!  I really needed to hear that!  Lets me know all these symptoms I've been having were cuz of my little bean, not just the meds I've been on!  I say bean instead of peanut, because the baby looks more like that on the ultrasound.  Haha, like a little cashew or lima bean.  LOL. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sad news...

My father lost his battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday morning, December 8, 2010.  He passed away in his sleep.  I'm just trying to take solice that he isn't in pain anymore.  He was a hell of a man, and I'm really upset that he isn't with us anymore.  Especially that my child will never have the chance to meet their grandfather.  I grew up not knowing my father's father.  I was really hoping my child wouldn't have to grow up with only one grandpa. 

I have my first ultrasound tomorrow.  I'm so nervous.  I'm really hoping everything is ok.  My family couldn't handle another blow, and I don't even know how I'd handle it.  I'll post on here tomorrow after my ultrasound.  Hopefully my next post will be good news.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 weeks down, 33 to go

So I'm in my eigth week.  My little peanut is in between the size of a blueberry and a rasberry.  I had pretty bad morning sickness these past week or so.  Right at 6 weeks, it hit hard.  I got Sea Bands and have worn them non-stop for the whole week.  I am trying not to wear them today.  I want to see if it's still bad or if it's tapered off.  So far so good.  But I can feel myself needing to get something else to eat. 

I have my first ultrasound on Friday.  I'm really really hoping everything is ok.  I'm just so nervous.

My father has been doing worse.  I was up to see him this past weekend and he's jaundiced.  Which is one of the first signs of the end.  His liver is really failing now.  I wonder if he's going to make it through Christmas sometimes. 

My sister called my last night and told me a restaurant in our home town is going to do a benefit day for Dad.  They heard how Mom was stressing out about Medical bills and all.  They said they'll donate 15% of the proceeds from one day to my Mom and Dad to help with the bills.  I was floored.  My sis was supposed to tell Mom last night, I haven't talked to them since then, so I'm wondering how Mom took it.