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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Over the two month mark!

Monkey is getting sooo big!  At his 2 month well baby check up he was 14 lbs 13.8 oz!  OMG big ol' baby boy!  He's in the 95th percentile for weight, 99th for height and off the charts with his big head! LOL  But the pediatrician said it's all good because he's proportionate, he's just a bigger baby.  :)  Makes me happy that he's doing so well!

We're still working on a schedule... So far we have a nighttime routine that is working well for us.  I never put him down later than 10, but he's been starting to show signs of being tired around 8 or 9 some nights.  If he's tired, I put him down earlier, just never later than 10.  He's starting to nap during the day at a more consistant time too.  I'm noticing around 12 or 1 he goes down for a nap.  If the TV is on, he'll only catnap, but if I turn the sound off on the TV, he'll stay down for about a half an hour or so.  Then he gets a nap in the evening too, usually around 5 or 6 and he'll stay down for a few hours at that one if I let him. 

I have to start back to work in a little over a week.  I'm not really looking forward to it.  Hubby and I work opposite shifts, so one of us will always be able to watch Monkey, but it's going to be tough.  Hubby needs to sleep during the day and Monkey is awake a good part of the day when he's home.  So it looks like I'll be sacraficing sleep and so will Hubby.  If we end up putting Monkey in daycare or hiring someone to come in and help us, it'll cost us about 2/3's of my salary.  We need 2/3's of my salary to make up our bills and start restocking savings a little.  Just to pay the bills we need a little under half of my salary.  So paying someone 2/3's of it won't work.  I may as well just stop working for my company and start working part time somewhere.  I don't know how we're going to do it, but we're going to give it a shot.  After a few months, we'll re-evaluate and see where we're at.  I'm really afraid that I'm going to have to stop working my job though.  It won't be nice because me getting a part time job just means more expense because I'll have to buy clothes most likely, then I'll have to pay gas and such to get to and from, which are all expenses I don't have right now since I work from home.  I'm really hoping I can work out a schedule with my job and Hubby's then work out something with my boss so I can work a split shift or something maybe.  Guess we just have to wait and see.  I just really feel uneasy, because we don't have a back up plan.  Basically the only back up we have is me moving back home (with my family or his) for the days that I work and Hubby coming to see me when he's off.  Not a good option in my opinion... but good to know it's there if we need it. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Almost 7w!

Wow... Time is flying!  Monkey is almost 7w old!  We're working on getting into a schedule now.  I am trying to get him down for the night at 9 or so each night.  He's doing great with sleeping through the night.  I'm considering myself really lucky.  He really is a happy baby and so far has been a relatively easy baby.  The issues I'm having haven't been with him, they've been other issues. 

I've be having vasospasms after I'm done feeding him, which is very painful.  It's so painful I'm to the point I was debating stopping breastfeeding.  :(  I will admit, it still really really hurts, but I was given a few things to try.  I'm hoping at least 1 of these 3 things works.  I feel really guilty wanting to stop, but at the same time, I just can't see myself dealing with this constant pain for the next 10 months... And I've been dealing with over supply.  It's all been so much fun.  Things are evening out a little, but it's still just really hard... 

I'm going to start pumping more regularly.  Monkey is feeding from one side at a time, so I'm thinking I'll just pump the other side, build up my stash for when I go back to work.  That way if I start having an issue where I'm not getting at least one feeding from each pumping, I'll have enough to keep him on BM for a while.  Worst case scenario, I'll be stashing it and donating (and really that's not bad, I'd love to be able to help a baby have BM). Or maybe it'll work out that I can exclusively bottle feed once Monkey hits 10 or 11 months.  I have a friend who did that... Had enough in her stash that she could stop pumping and BF'ing at almost 11 months and still give her LO breast milk until a little over a year.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DS's birth story

So my son was born on July 26th.  I call him Monkey so that's what I'll use in here.  It has taken me forever to get on here because I have been just focused on taking care of him and recovering.  So, I figured I'll get on here and post the birth story, then I'll give an update since then. :)

I was admitted to the hospital at 9pm on Monday, July 25th.  I was told by the nurse if I had gotten there about a half hour later, I would have been sent home because they were so busy!  I was given Cervidil at about 10 or so.  By midnight I was having contractions.  I asked them to give me something to help me sleep.  By 2am they were about a minute apart.  I wasn't dilating though.  I was only about 4cm.  At 3 or 4 am I was only at 4.5 cm.  I had enough, I told them to either take out the Cervidil or give me some pain meds.  I was then told I couldn't have any meds (except an epidural) until the Ambien they gave me had worn off (wouldn't be until 8 am).  By 10 am, I was done... I asked if I could talk to someone about an epidural.  12 hours of hard contractions with little to no progress, it was horrible.  After the epidural I was able to sleep!  It was soooo wonderful.  My midwife suggested starting pitocin and rupturing my membranes too after the epidural.  I agreed.  I was checked at 4pm and I was 5 cm.  By 5pm, I was fully dilated.  I asked my midwife if I could have a booster on the epidural because I could feel it wearing off.  She ordered it (thank goodness!).  I started pushing shortly after and my Monkey made his entrance into the world at 6:25 pm.  He was 9 lbs 7 oz and 21.25 inches.  Big ol' boy!  I only had a very minor tear.  Even though it was a minor tear it took 5 stitches to close it up.  Not fun at all, but not horrible.  Within a few days I was home, and within a few days from being home, I was feeling good enough to be up and around a good bit more.  Then after the first 14 days my stitches disolved and I really felt fine.  I was told I'd feel that way and to not think I was ok to do whatever I used to do before pregnancy.  So I listened and took it easy until 3 or 4 weeks had passed.  It's now 5 weeks post partum and I feel great.  I have my appt tomorrow to check and make sure I'm ok physically and such. 

BF'ing has been the biggest challenge of my life.  At first it just hurt soooo bad.  I had expected it to hurt, but everyone said after the first day or two it got better.  It didn't.  I really thought we were having latch issues, but I met with a lactation consultant and she said he was latching perfectly.  I persevered and we made it through those tough times.  It didn't hurt after 3 weeks.  Then all of a sudden I started getting blanching.  It hurts worse than the first few days sometimes.  I think it's something called Raynaud's.  It's a circulation issue.  I'm bringing it up with my midwife tomorrow.  Then I have heavy letdown too, so Monkey is coughing, pulling away, flailing and gagging when I try to feed him, unless it's only been 2 hours since the last feed.  I'm hoping things with that get better after the 6 weeks needed to establish supply.  I'm trying a new method tomorrow.  I'm going to give Monkey a bottle of expressed milk, then I'm going to pump.  I'm usually pretty engorged in the mornings, because Monkey sleeps for 4-6 hours a night now.  I'm not complaining about that!  But man it makes feedings hard because he never empties my breasts all day.  So all day he's gagging and such.  I'm hoping if I empty them in the morning, then nurse him every 2-3 hours, it won't be so bad.  We'll see if my theory pans out.  Between all these things, I'm literally to the point that I can see why people stop BF'ing and start formula.  I really don't think that's an option for us though, formula is way too expensive... Especially when I can feed Monkey for free.  I love nursing and I love having those little "us" times, but man I dread the pain afterwards. 

Other than that, Monkey is doing great... he's up to 12 lbs!  He's a chunkers!  I call him Monkey because when he was born and they did his footprints, his feet looked so huge!  And he is a very cuddly baby (like the baby chimps and such you see on TV, always grabbing on to their mommas).  So he's my little monkey.  :D  I'm getting the hang of this whole Mommy thing.  Hubby is getting there too.  His fuse is still a little short, he just doesn't know what to do to console him if he's crying but he's not hungry or needs a change.  LOL  I try to explain to him that I try a pacifier, then I start dancing around the room trying to bounce him into calmness. LOL  He's getting it though.  He keeps saying I need to get Monkey to the point that he can walk, babble and start throwing a ball, and he'll take it from there.  LOL  Guess he's kinda right... right now I'm the source of food and I can pick Monkey up and quiet his crying almost immediately.  It's just the Mommy touch.  Daddy's aren't quite the same at this age.  :)

On other happy news, we found out that two of our friends are now pregnant!  It's so great!  I knew they were trying, but they were keeping it under wraps until after they knew for sure (or after the first trimester).  I can understand that all too well.  So now almost all of us have kids.  Times are definitely changing. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a few more days.

So an update since my last post.  Hubby and I went up to the in-laws house for a dinner to celebrate MIL and grandma-in-law's bdays.  I was working, and around 11am I started having contractions.  They were sporadic, about 5-10 min apart.  By 4 they were pretty strong and getting painful.  I asked my boss if I could sign out early and I'd use PTO for the rest of the day, they said yes.  It was pretty bad.  I told Hubby's gma what was going on and I made it through most of dinner with them.  I decided to take a nap.  Hubby had been up for 30 hours and he was in no condition to drive home.  He had to work the night before, then had a golf game with some friends during the day.  I let him nap for a little bit, but then I had to get home.  The contractions were so painful and were consistently 6 min apart.  When we got home, I packed the rest of my hospital bag and decided to get a shower.  I told Hubby to go to bed immediately so just in case we had to get to the hospital, he could be functional.  He didn't need any persuasion for that.  LOL  I took a shower and got dressed so I could call my midwife and find out if she wanted me to head to the hospital.  Don't you know, I laid down, decided to time 2 or 3 more contractions first.  They completely stopped.  So after 13 hours of contractions, they stopped.  :(  I was soooo upset.  But I was also extremely tired, so I just went to bed.  Since then I've had some random contractions here or there, but nothing grouped together or anything.  I am so irritated by this.  I was really hoping to not have to work this week and having my little man here!  But I guess I will be working again.  I'm still debating about asking my midwife to strip my membranes and do a cervical check on Wednesday when I go in.  I want labor to start, but I've heard that can be very painful.  Ugh... guess I'll talk to her and see what she says first.  But either way I will have my little man here next week.  I'm going to be induced on the 25th if I don't go into labor before then.  So there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! LOL

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just 11 days left!

Well, according to my midwife, 9 days!  Depends on which EDD you go by.  Midwife has 7/22 off my LMP, I have 7/24 off OPK's. 

I cannot believe I am finally at the end of this!  I'm feeling so done.  I'm done with being stiff and sore.  I'm done with not being able to even roll over in bed once my one side goes numb... Forget about getting up and getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night... I'm worse than an 80 year old woman with arthritis.  It's horrible.  I'm just so anxious to see my little man!  I'm so ready for the next step in this journey.  I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil for a few weeks now (not as strict as I should be, but I have reminders on my phone now, so I should be good) and walking with Puppers every night, sometimes twice.  I have a bad feeling that I just need to go for like a 5 mile walk... As if I'd have the energy. LOL!  I have my next appt with my midwife on Wednesday and I'm debating about asking her to check me again (they only check once until labor unless you request it) and if I've progressed at all to do a membrane sweep.  I've heard they can be painful and may not even bring on labor, so I'm torn.  And I'd only do it if Hubby came with me to the appt so he could drive me home.  I'm a little concerned that I'd be in too much pain to really get home.  I don't know what to do about that.

I scheduled my induction for 7/25, for many reasons.  I don't want to go too far over my due date and end up having LO on our anniversary (8/1).  Hubby said that isn't what he wants, so I respect it.  And Hubby will get more time off work if I can get induced/go into labor that day.  Not to mention we can make arrangements over the weekend for Hubby's family to watch Puppers for us so she's not left in the house by herself for days.  OMG, that would really truly be horrible.  After a few hours she's completely distraught... She would not fair well for days with just someone coming to let her out and play with her for a while... She'd be completely neurotic when we got home.  But what I'm really hoping for is to go into labor on my own before then.  Everyone has been telling me I won't make it to the 25th, I sure as hell hope not.  I really don't want to be induced... I know I could wait longer and see if it happened naturally, but it's really a balance between how miserable I am and how scared I am of induction.  Right now, the misery is winning out.  I know the first few weeks (at least) while I'm recovering and sleep deprived won't be much better, but at least then I'll start to feel a little more normal!

Ugh, 9/11 days left and I just want to meet my little man.  Maybe this weekend I'll go for a REALLY long walk and see if it does anything.  :(  I'm not desperate enough to try Castor oil or anything like that.  I've heard sooo many horrible things that I am not going there.  Although, I did read in a few places that crab meat can cause labor, and so can a full moon... Friday Hubby and I are having a crab feast with his family and it's a full moon... Maybe the stars will align and I'll get lucky!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 weeks and counting

We are down to just three weeks left!  I guess I really should pack my hospital bag and get the car seat base installed. LOL  Not to mention figure out what outfit I'm going to bring Joey home in and wash it. LOL  And I guess I should get the crib kinda cleaned out and make his room usable... right now, everything is crammed in there (car seat, strollers, baby bath, etc).  I need to find a place for all these things and get Hubby to get his computer out of there.  I should feel more of a rush to get this stuff done, I just don't.  LOL  I'm also going to start making some freezer meals this weekend.  Figure since I have an extra day off for the holiday I may as well put it to good use. 

So I was talking with our neighbor the other day, found out the house just a few doors down has a new tenant... the person who owns it just rents it out... It's usually oddballs that live there.  The new tenant is a single mom with two kids who have both been in a decent amount of trouble with the law already.  One of them has an ankle tracker and is currently on house arrest.  I'm curious what the offense was... I don't like it.... especially since Hubby works 3rds.  Makes me nervous as it is being here by myself at night, now we're going to have Joey here too, I'm not looking forward to it.  Hopefully once Hubby and I get a few more credit cards paid off we can get a security system put in.... Our neighborhood isn't a bad one, but a lot of section 8 housing has been approved here the last few months or whatever... It makes me nervous. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 weeks and counting!

I am ready I think.  At least with having a lot of the actual stuff we would need/want for baby. LOL  With 5 weeks left, my midwife won't stop labor anymore!  So if it happens, he's coming!  I'm excited.  I have an appt next week and they will check me to see if I'm dialated or anything, and apparently that's the only time they'll check me until I go into labor.  I guess that's a good thing because I've heard it's just uncomfortable.  I can only imagine since a regular exam when you're not preggo is uncomfortable. 

Other than that... Hubby and FIL put a new front door on our house today!  Only took all day but it looks great, from the outside.... we still have to do the trim from the inside.  But it's awesome to have the new door.  One less project on the list before Joey gets here!

Hubby and I have a concert tomorrow too!  We bought these tix back in November before we knew we were pregnant.  Feels like we've been looking forward to this forever!  The only thing I'm not looking forward to, it's 2 hours away from home.  My midwife ok'd me to travel that far, and we're stopping along the way, so it won't be 2 hours straight in a vehicle, which will be good for me.  And my midwife told me with this being my first, even if I feel like labor is starting during the concert, we probably have enough time to finish watching the concert, drive back home and get to the hospital. LOL  I doubt anything will happen this weekend though, obviously.  Although the Braxton Hicks have gotten super annoying!  They're getting to the point that they're just beyond uncomfortable.  But I still feel them all at the top of my stomach, not the bottom and they are sporatic, so I don't take them too seriously.  Really can't wait for this to be done though, so excited and anxious to see my little man!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 more weeks till my EDD

We've managed to get quite a few things done since my last post.  I can't remember if I posted it on here or not, but Hubby finally pulled the carpets up in the nursery and the hardwoods are great!  They need a little work, but nothing that a sanding and resealing couldn't fix.  I have a rug that covers a decent amount of the floor anyway, so we're not too concerned with it for right now.  I still have to get shoe molding and install it too, but again, I'm not too worried about trying to get it done before our LO gets here because it's something I can do in one day when I'm actually able to move up and down off the floor.  LOL 

We also got our crib just a few days ago and Hubby and I put it together this morning.  Very exciting!  I washed the bedding set I got and put it all on the crib and such.  The only thing we have left to do in the nursery now (aside from the aforementioned shoe molding), is moving Hubby's computer and file cabinet out, one more box has to be moved out, and the recliner needs to go up there for when I'm breastfeeding.  I've decided to use a recliner we have in our living room (that we never use) instead of buying a new glider, it just makes sense.  Not only will it save us a couple hundred dollars, but it will open up floor space in our small living room for the pack n play or swing, whatever baby gear we keep on the main floor of our house.  Oh, I guess there is one other thing that needs to be done.  I am going to have Hubby cut about 2 or 3 inches off the dresser we're using in the nursery for a changer/dresser.  Basically it's an old dresser that the previous owners left here.  I cleaned it up and got Hubby to move it up there and realized it's too tall.  It's almost ribcage height now, so once we put a changing pad on there, it's going to be ridiculous!  Since it has 3 or 4 inch base on it though, I can get him to cut it down a bit and hopefully it'll be more functional.  If not, then I guess I'll have to go out and look for something that will work. 

And last but not least, we managed to pick a first name for our son!  I don't have to call him little one or little boy anymore!  His name will be Joseph.  Joseph is my father's baptismal name and also my uncle's (who was my Godfather) name.  So it has sentimental meaning to me, especially now.  It's been a little over 6 months since my dad passed, and it's been years since I lost my uncle.  Hubby and I have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 names, either Joseph Jeffery (his dad's name is Jeffery) or Joseph Corbin.  Corbin is a name I came across that means Raven in Irish.  I'm Irish, so I love it immediately, and I was hoping Hubby would get on board because he's a Baltimore Ravens fan.  Not to mention, if Joey's middle name is Corbin, his initials would be the same as Hubby's dad, which would be special too.  But then Hubby has to throw a monkey wrench into things and say he's not really sure, because there are some other middle names he likes too.  I'm just letting him go until the baby is born.  I'm just glad to finally have a first name. 

So now with 6 weeks left, I am starting to feel the effects of the extra weight.  I've only gained 15 lbs or so, but with how it's distributed on my body, it's just so hard.  It seems like it's all belly.  Everyone tells me I don't look pregnant from the back, but the minute I turn, I'm huge.  I've been dealing with back pain, and then to top it off, I managed to pull a muscle at the top of my abdomen when I was coughing.  Ugh, it's been miserable!  But we're almost to the end.  And I'm to the point where they most likely wouldn't stop labor if it started on it's own.  And since I'm measuring on schedule now (not 3 weeks ahead like I had been for almost the whole pregnancy), I'm not as scared that Joey is coming early.  I figure since I'm a FTM, he's probably going to be late.  But then again, I had the miscarriage last year, so I'm wondering if since my body has been through this (not completely, but the dialating and such) already, if that will make a difference.  I'm surprised there aren't more studies or information out there about this.  I tried to research it and didn't really find anything. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

9 weeks left!

So I had my family shower this past weekend.  So great.  I was a little disappointed because there were so many people invited and only about 18 RSVP'd that they'd be there.  That's how many were there.  I was more disappointed because it would have been nice to see everyone.  I haven't really seen my family since my Dad's funeral, and on Hubby's side there were some I haven't seen in years because we keep missing each other at family events.  But it probably worked out for the better because our car was so loaded down that I couldn't even see out the back window as we were driving home!!!  Not to mention that Puppy only had one seat in the back to sit on.  The rest was chock full! :)  Makes me feel so good to know my LO is loved so much before he even gets here.  And on top of that, we did get a good amount of our bigger items, which I definitely did not expect!  We got our high chair and pack n play.  We actually got two of our high chair and I returned one for store credit.  We're going to use that money to order our crib and mattress.  My brother is so wonderful, when he heard we didn't get our carseat/travel system, he told me he'd buy that as a gift to us.  So that literally just leaves the swing for us to buy.  So amazing.  Aside from the big stuff, we got a good amount of clothes, a lot of bath stuff, and some great little toy items.  I really do feel so grateful that we have such awesome family and friends.  I have a friends shower in a few weeks.

Aside from the shower, I've been feeling pretty good.  The little man is in there kicking and stretching and pushing me around.  I have my appts every 3 weeks right now.  After my next appt in a few weeks I start ever other week.  Then in July it's every week.  Things are getting so close!!  I actually have almost everything I need to pack my diaper bag and my hospital bag.  I only have 4 weeks left until they won't stop my labor if it happens!  It feels so crazy to be this close, and then again I have days where I feel like it's taking forever!  Hubby keeps saying "We still have 2 months before we have to worry about stuff."  He just doesn't get that in 4 weeks if I go into labor, we're having the baby, there's no stopping it. LOL  I think he'll understand once we're closer to then.  I need to get on him about reading the books too.  He's pretty good about it, but I want to make sure he has time to read them and know what's going on in the hospital and when we first get home.  I have a meeting with a pediatrician on July 1st.  It's later than I'd like, but it's the first time they could get us in.  Then I have my breastfeeding class on July 7th.  So much stuff is going on in the next few months!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

29 weeks down, 11 to go

I have been going crazy this week.  My hubby, bless his heart, is not getting that I'm going crazy with the nesting stuff, and I'm trying not to nag him too much.  He's getting upset with me about how much I'm nagging him now, but I think what he doesn't realize is that literally all I think about all day is getting the house ready and done so that I can help him with as much as possible before I'm so big that I can't move around.  I mean, he complains now that I can't help him with certain projects because I'm pregnant, it's not going to get any better between now and when the baby is born.  And I'm not going to be able to do these things for about 6 weeks after the baby is born either.  It drives me crazy that my priorities and his are no where near the same.  He's complaining at me to get my scrapbooking stuff organized (we just moved it from the nursery to the basement bedroom), but I don't see that as an immediate issue, I'd much rather spend time working on the floors in the nursery or shampooing the carpet in our living room.  The baby will probably never be downstairs unless he's down there with me while I'm scrapbooking (which I don't really do too much anymore because again, I have other things that need my attention right now).

I guess what's really getting to me is that Hubby doesn't have every weekend off.  I do.  He complains now that he doesn't have people to help him out because it seems like the only time he can do the projects are during the week on days he has off when everyone else is working.  I can't get through to him that he needs to do these projects on the weekends then when people are off and can help him.  I told him earlier this week, if he's going to do the floors in the nursery and he wants help, he needs to call people then and ask them.  You can't wait until Saturday morning to ask people to help you because by then they'll most likely have plans.  It's just annoying that if I try to reason with him, he doesn't listen, but when I bug him to get it done, he complains about why he can't do it because he didn't do the planning earlier when I told him he needed to. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Update on the Dr's appt

So I went to the doctor's today.  Everything went great!  I didn't ask for specifics as far as my glucose number, but she told me all my test results were well within normal range, I don't have GD, I'm not anemic, everything looked good.  My blood pressure was good and I don't have any swelling, so that's awesome too.  The only real symptom I had to tell her is that I've been really tired lately.  She told me to take B complex to help with my energy level.  So I'm going to run out at some point this weekend and get myself some of that.  I'm still measuring big.... *sigh*... But I did talk to her about it and told her my concerns, that I really didn't want to be induced early or anything unless something was possibly wrong with the baby.  She told me it's not their policy to induce at all, unless necessary.  So that made me feel a lot better.  She did say if I started measuring bigger than 3 weeks or so, I'd probably have some tests done to see what's going on.  Because it could mean too much fluid or too little fluid around the baby and that could lead to other problems.  But so far, everything looks great!  My appts go to every 3 weeks now, so I have another appt in early May, then another in late May, then I go to every 2 weeks for a few visits, then I'm every week after that.  Things are going kinda fast when I think of weeks, but day to day it's sooooo slow!  LOL  It's not fair!

I did find out that 35 weeks is the cut off for them stopping my labor.  If I go into labor before then, they'll stop it, but if I don't then they won't stop it, I'll just have the baby.  So I told Hubby today that 34 weeks (so 6 weeks from now) is the cut off for when things have to be done!  No ifs, ands, buts, ors, whys or maybes.  LOL  Carseat has to be in the car and inspected, nursery needs to be done and major purchases have to be bought.  So that puts our cut off date at June 12th pretty much (the date of my second shower!).  So pretty much that week, we're going and buying whatever we didn't get.  The next two weekends are hellish for us... A concert the following weekend, then I'm in a friend's wedding the weekend after that... So we need to get the stuff at least in our house.  If I have it here, but maybe not assembled, I have an awesome family that will be more than willing to come down for a few hours here and the house and finish stuff up.  But I just need it in the house!  LOL. 

Well, that's all for today.  I need to go get some sleep!  I have a Pancreatic Cancer walk bright and early tomorrow morning and it's about an hour and a half away, so I gotta leave super early!  It's going to kill me, but I'm going to do it.  It's in memory of my dad, and I wouldn't miss it for the world!  It's been 4 months since he passed.  My sister organized our team and did a phenominal job raising money.  We're in 4th place right now!  No thanks to me really... I didn't get the chance to really fundraise, but I contributed by buying shirts.  :)  Well, think of me tomorrow morning as I try to complete a 2 mile walk.  LOL, hopefully some of my team mates don't mind walking super slow!  I know my puppers will be my motivation to keep moving.  If I don't have the energy, I'm sure she'll just drag me along! LOL

Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 week Drs Appt tomorrow

So tomorrow I have my 28 week appt with my midwife... I find out my glucose results and I'm a little concerned... I think just because it's a test that I've had to wait for the results and because GD is one of those conditions you can have and not even really realize it.  I am also a little nervous to find out if I'm still measuring big... I know when I ovulated, so I know my due date.  It's not like it's a best guess.  I'm just concerned that if they say I'm measuring like 2 or 3 weeks ahead, they're going to want to change my due date, and I don't want to be induced at like 36 weeks because they think I'm full term.  I know at 36 weeks babies are usually fine, I guess my issue is more the induction than anything else... If at all possible, I want to go into natural labor.  I can only imagine that the reason for higher c-sect rates with inductions is because your body just isn't ready yet. 

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good!  Getting into crunch time!  I'm officially in the third trimester!  I have a friend's bachelorette party this weekend, then in 3 weeks I have my baby shower with family, and I'm soooo hoping to have the nursery done soon.  Hubby keeps saying he's going to rip the carpet up in there, but he just keeps stalling/getting sidetracked.  I'm so proud of him, he has gotten so many projects done, that I can't be mad.  He's been wonderful.  But the nursery and replacing our front door are my main concerns right now.  I really want the floors done in the nursery so I can just start placing stuff.  I'm hoping that after my family shower, I'll be able to at least partially organize that room.  I'm not expecting to get too many big items, but I'm hoping to get some gift cards so I can get our crib and travel system and things like that.  My mom and MIL are getting my pack n play for me, so that's awesome and a huge weight off my shoulders to know it will be bought.  That's actually more important to me than the crib right now, just because I know for the first few months I want the baby to sleep in our room with us, to make breastfeeding/nighttimes easier. 

I did find an awesome deal on a pack n play on Craigslist.  I was looking for one that I can keep in my truck and use when we're up at my mom's or at Hubby's parents' house.  It's this really cute navy blue with safari animals on it.  It came with the netting to have the raised sleeping platform and a mobile/toy bar.  It's really cute.  If I can figure it out (since I've never done it before) I'll post a pic on here on it.  Very adorable, not something I would have picked out in the store for $100, but for $40 on Craigslist, definitely!  And the guy I bought it from was so nice!  Just makes me happy to have that done!  I have been looking for 2 months now, and everytime I found one, it was either sold already or the people told me "Oh, it's first come first serve, so if you get here first you can have it."  You've got to be kidding me... who does that?  I'm not going to drive 20-40 min to get somewhere only to find out someone beat me to it... But I digress, I got my travel pack n play! 
Nice right?

Then this is the close-up of the pattern.  :)

Ok, I'm done for tonight... I'll try to get on here tomorrow and update with my results of my appt.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glucose Test Tomorrow

So tomorrow morning I have my Gestational Diabetes test... I'm really not looking forward to it.  I don't have to fast or do anything special like that, except skip my regular morning bagel tomorrow and just have eggs instead.  I'm just not looking forward to having to drink that stuff.  Just because I'm not really big on sweets, so a super sweet drink is not going to taste good.  LOL.  I'm probably thinking it's worse than it's going to be... just not really looking forward to it. LOL

Other than that, my belly has POPPED!  I officially start my third trimester in just a few days!  So excited!  And my first baby shower is in 1 month!  So excited!  I'm meeting with one of my best friends tomorrow, she's going to plan my second shower for me down here for friends... Between my mom and MIL, the list was almost 60 people for just family!  WOW!  So my friend offered to do one down here, and I told her I know it's a financial burden, so I'd help as far as making food, paying for things, etc.  And that we'd just do it here at my house, so we don't have to find/pay for a place.  It's really exciting to see everyone again.  A lot of these people I haven't really seen since my dad's funeral. 

I am feeling kicks like crazy!  I have another appt with my Midwife next week.  I'll get the results of my Glucose test and hopefully I'm not measuring weeks ahead again!  Now, just to make myself miserable... I'm going to try to paint my toenails.  LOL  It's finally sandal/flipflop weather and I intend to take advantage!  I'm so tired of trying to tie my shoes.  I have a gift cert for a massage too, def need to schedule that soon!  I keep forgetting about it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll make an appt.  Get myself a little pampering!  :) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time is going slow!

Just when I was happy because things were moving and felt like the pregnancy was going quick, everything slows down.  LOL.  I think it's because I have another 3 weeks before my next appt, another 6 weeks before my family shower, and another 9 weeks before my shower with friends.  I sort of feel like I did about 2-3 months before my wedding.  All the planning was done, I was just waiting for the next big event to come along.  LOL 

Other than that, I've been pretty good.  It's been getting warmer outside, so I've been feeling a lot better!  Took my pooch to the dog park today after work since it's finally light out for about an hour or two after I get done work. 

I also have $50 in Kohl's Cash that I need to use... Sad thing about it is I bought everything I needed when I placed the order that gave me the Kohl's cash.  So now I don't really have a whole lot to buy. LOL  Hubby has told me I'm not allowed to get anything like baby clothes or anything, so I'm kinda at a loss.  I don't really want to buy more maternity clothes or anything, I have a decent stash... Well, at least decent enough that it'll sustain me for what I need it for.  Since I work from home, I can get away with wearing big tshirts and such.  When I do go out, I have probably 8 or 10 shirts I can wear.  Plus my mom got me a lightweight sweater.  So I'm kinda set.  Guess I'll look and see what baby gear I can get for $50 and just order that.  LOL

Saturday, April 2, 2011

24 weeks down!

Wow, time is going pretty quick.  I'm 24 weeks now, well, by my doctor's count I'm 24.1, but by mine I'm 23.6, so we'll split the difference! LOL. 

I'm excited, Hubby and I got the nursery almost completely cleaned out and I'm hoping this week on his days off that he'll rip up the carpet in there and see what the hardwoods look like underneath.  I'm so excited to really get moving on that room!  I had to explain to Hubby that I'm in a nesting phase right now... I'm not so concerned with getting the house spotless, although I am doing cleaning and such, but I'm more focused on getting things set up so when the baby gets here, the room is done, the other projects that the baby and I can't be here for, are done, things like that.  The last thing I want is to have to vacate the house with a 2 month old for 8 hours so Hubby can get done these projects!  He understood once I told him that.  The crappy thing is more than half the projects depend completely on the weather.  So most of them, it's a waiting game anyway until we're out of April pretty much.  :(

As far as the pregnancy goes though, all is well.  I had my fetal echo and they said my little boy's heart looks great, the reversed ductus venosis had repaired itself.  I think I'm probably still measuring big, but I won't know for sure until my next appt in a few weeks.  I actually scheduled all my appts for the rest of the pregnancy.  They wanted to make sure they could get me in when I was needed to be seen.  I guess my appts get more frequent now.  I have another 6 week appt, which is at the end of this month, but then they go to 3 weeks between appts until June, then 1 appt each week from the end of June until my due date.  Should be interesting.  LOL

Nothing else really exciting going on.  My sister, cousin and I went to see a Michael Jackson cover band last night at a local club.  It was a lot of fun!  The band was really good too.  Only problem was, I swear I was one of the oldest people there... everyone else wasn't even old enough to remember seeing a MJ concert on TV. LOL.  I mean, I was really young when he stopped touring, but I remember watching his concerts on TV every now and then. LOL

Sunday, March 20, 2011

22 weeks down

So I had my fetal echo the other day and they said everything is great with baby's heart.  The reversed ductus venosis has fixed itself.  So that made me feel a lot better!  But they did tell me that my LO is measuring 11 days ahead of schedule.  They won't change my due date just yet, but they will monitor my further to make sure he doesn't get too big in there.  They said that genetics start to kick in, so that could be a part of it too.  Who knows.  I have an appt with my midwife tomorrow night, so I'm going to ask her and see what she says.  I'm a little worried she's going to tell me it's a possible sign of Gestational Diabetes, which means I have to take a bloodtest.  I'm just really hoping I don't have it because it means I'm at a higher risk to get it later in life, and I'm already at a higher risk because of diabetes running in my family and Dad having it.  But I'm going to try not to worry about it until I have to. 

Outside of that, my family shower has been planned, it'll be May 21st!  So excited!  I'll be 31 weeks and I'm hoping that my friend shower will be on June 12th and that way I'll have a little over a month to get anything else I need.  I'm just getting really excited!  :)  It feels so good to have a date set to look forward to! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 20

So things are getting better with my hip!  I think.... It hasn't been hurting quite as much.  I'm hoping it's getting better on it's own.  Outside of that, not a whole lot is going on.  We got confirmation a little over a week ago that it's a boy!  Everything that the little boy would let them see looked good.  They were going to have me come back in a few weeks to get another scan done so they could see everything, but since I have a fetal echo scheduled for March 17th, so they're just going to take some extra time during that ultrasound to check what they couldn't see at the anatomy scan. 

I went to a crop (scrapbooking event for those who don't know) with my mom yesterday.  I got 3 sets of pages done for the baby book I'm working on and I got a page set done for Hubby and my album.  It's a Christmas page set for this coming year.  My mom thinks I'm weird cuz I am currently making pages for pics I don't have. LOL.  She only does pages for pics she already has.  I don't know... I can do them either way.  I also worked on some Thank you cards for my shower.  Figure I'm going to need them, may as well make them now while I have time.  I had all the paper for them, so I really didn't want to buy them. 

By the time I got home last night, my back hurt sooooo bad!  I guess it was just sitting in those chairs (the fold up metal kind) for like 8 hours.  Felt so good to come home and curl up in my memory foam bed!  I really think that is the best purchase Hubby and I have made in a long time. 

I've been feeling my little one move a lot too.  It's reassuring, kinda like having my own little doppler.  LOL.  They aren't really strong yet and they aren't constant, but it has been a decent amount.  Hubby still hasn't been able to feel them yet, I haven't been able to feel them from the outside either.  I'm just waiting, I know here in a few weeks it'll be stronger and Hubby will be able to feel it soon.  He's getting excited I think... Seeing his little boy on the screen really made him happy.  It's almost like it wasn't really real to him until then.  The ultarsound was sooo cool.  I got to see his feet and hands, and it was neat cuz we could actually tell what most of him was (well, I could) without the tech explaining it to us.  :)  Felt really good to see him!

Last Sunday we told our families that we were having a boy.  We had everyone over to my Mom's house.  Well, everyone except Hubby's Dad.  He had to work and couldn't get there in time, so he told us to just tell everyone else and he'd hear later.  So we had lasagna, salad, bread... Everyone expected us to make an announcement.  So after everyone was done eating we said that the answer was in the cake we brought.  I had dyed the inside of the cake blue. Hubby's mom cut the cake and everyone could tell... it was a BRIGHT blue. LOL  Everyone was really excited.  I noticed my mom went outside with her little pup for a bit... when I went out, she was upset.  She realized this is the first of many family functions/announcements that my dad wouldn't be here for.  She asked me if I miss him.  I think it bothers my family that I haven't just broken down and cried in front of them or something. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chiropractor update

Well, Chiropractor is a bust.  He was going to need to see me 3 times a week for about a month, then about twice a week until the baby is born... It's going to cost us about a third of what we'd be able to put into savings... I can't do that.... So I'm just trying to deal with the pain for now.  Some days it's really bad, like Sunday night, I was in tears.  I couldn't even get myself up off the couch because it hurt so bad.  The worst part is, it's not just painful when I put weight on it, it's any movement of my leg.  So even just trying to stand without putting weight on it, can be incredibly painful.  After doing some research, I think I have a pregnancy related symptom called SPD.  It causes pain like this... usually only in rare cases.  So lucky me. 

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.  I get to see my little man again on Friday for my anatomy scan.  I get to see the little boy parts for myself and get a little confirmation. LOL!  I've been skeptical because last time I didn't get to see it for myself.  It should be a good day, Hubby and I both have off work, I'm hoping to get him to go to lunch with me downtown before my appt.  I don't think he'll put up too much of a fight. :) 

Ha! I just felt my little man kick I think... it was like a sharp little poke from the inside.  LOL! So cool!  I've felt like popcorn before, but that's the first solid kick I think!  Don't know if I could have felt it from the outside, but I felt it inside!  LOL!  On that note, I'll end this post and get back to work. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Appt this Afternoon

So this afternoon I'm going to the chiropractor. I'm not exactly excited about it. I'm actually kinda scared... don't know if I like the idea of someone popping my bones, especially my spine. LOL. But with the amount of pain I'm in from my fall a few weeks ago, I'm going to do what I have to. I cannot believe how bad my hip is hurting almost constantly now. And it doesn't help that our little boy likes to sit right on that side of my uterus against my pelvic bone. So at 3:45 this afternoon, I go to see if they can do anything about it. I'm actually pretty worried that I really injured my hip. Not like broke it, but maybe fractured it near the joint. That's where all the pain is, right where the femur head sits in the socket (maybe I'm wrong with the names of bones or whatever, but you get what I mean). I'm just really hoping they can do something for me.

This next week is exciting for me. I get to have lunch with some friends on Sunday then Friday (25th) I get to see my little boy again on ultrasound. Hopefully this time see with my own eyes what we're having! LOL. I saved the receipts for all those clothes I bought so far, just in case. LOL!

Well, since I'm working, I guess I should stop blogging and get back to work. I'll probably post an update when I get back from my appt to share if I had any relief or not... We'll see. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I went shopping this weekend!

So I have been on a mission to find a little jacket/bundle thing for this baby.  Up until this weekend, I was looking for a gender neutral one, and was only finding ones in either pink or blue.  It's a good thing I didn't go with my intuition, or else my little boy would be wearing a pink jacket.... Well, this Sunday, I went to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Target and Babies R Us looking for a jacket thing.  Wasn't really looking for anything else, but figured if I saw something on clearance I'd go ahead and get it, but nothing that was full price.  So I spent $28 and I'm so proud of myself for everything I got!!! 

I found a jacket thing on the clearance rack at BRU.  It's a blue fleece zip up that has a teddy bear embroidered on the left side, then the hood has teddy bear ears.  They were having a deal for buy one, get one for $2 on clearance clothing.  So I got a little pair of gray sweatpants thing too.  I was supposed to pay $14 for the jacket, then $2 for the pants... The cashier who rang me up was having issues getting stuff to come up at the right price, so he had to manually ring my order, like type in the prices... He gave me the pants for $10 and the jacket for $2!  HA!  A $28 jacket for $2!  So excited!  Believe it or not, Babies R Us was the last place I went too! 

Marshall's didn't really have anything, a lot of cute stuff, but nothing I really wanted to spend money on yet, nothing that really stood out. 

Went to TJ Maxx first, found a 5 pack of onesies.  They are sports related, one says Mommy's allstar, another says Daddy's #1 Draft pick, then another says Future Quarterback.  LOL.  So stinking cute. 

Then I went to Target, they didn't have any jackets either.  But looking on their clearance rack, I found a really cute little christmas jacket thing.  It's a brown fleece jacket that says "Santa's favorite" on the left side with a little reindeer embroidered.  Then the hood has reindeer antlers and ears on the top! 

After that, I ended up with 5 onesies, 2 jacket things, and a pair of pants for $28.  Adding everything up with regular prices, it would have been close to $85!  So awesome!  Hubby wasn't even mad at me, which was a huge bonus! I figured he wouldn't be happy with me buying baby clothes already (because we know our families are going to go crazy with that stuff). 

I had a doctors appointment today, just a regular appointment.  Everything is going good so far!  Little bean kept running from heartbeat monitor too.  We got him on the monitor for about 20 seconds, then he'd move, from then on out, we could only get a beat or two before he was moving again!  He was not having it today! LOL.  Cannot wait until the 25th when I have my anatomy scan, hopefully my little man is moving around a little more. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

And we are having a......

Before I spill that... I had some drama the other day.  Basically I fell on some ice outside my house last weekend.  I didn't have any spotting or cramping, so I didn't think anything of it.  Turns out 5 days later I started spotting and light bleeding.  I went to the midwife's office and she said everything looked ok as far as she could tell.  She wanted me to have an ultrasound just to make sure.  So yesterday I went for the ultrasound over at the hospital.  They did the ultrasound, everything was fine.  They couldn't see any reason why I'd be spotting. 

Then the tech asked me if I wanted to know what we were having.  I said yes, but because Hubby wasn't with me, I couldn't find out without him.  She said if I wanted, she would write it down and seal it in an envelope, so we could look at it together.  Looks like we are welcoming a little boy in July!  I have to admit, I was really set that it was a girl... I just felt it was a girl for some reason.  I was definitely wrong! LOL.  We're still not going to tell family until the end of the month after our anatomy scan, just so we can make sure.  15w 5d is early to find gender still, so I just want to see with my own eyes before we go spreading the word.  When she was checking gender, she told me to turn my head so I couldn't see it. LOL.  I'm really excited now!  Went out today just browsing the boy clothes, seeing if anything was on clearance (to be honest, I was looking for a winter coat thing that I can leave on the kid when buckling him into a carseat, cuz they'd be on clearance now).  I didn't find a darn thing.  But I did only go to Burlington Coat Factory.  I think I'm going to try Marshall's.  That's where my one friend found one for super cheap.  I'm also going to look at Babies R Us maybe tomorrow morning.  I don't feel like running out again today.

And now I get to make dinner so Hubby can eat before work!  So excited and it's awesome to know this is just between Hubby and I right now.  It's kinda nice to have a little secret.  :) 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Officially in my second trimester!

Woohoo! 13w1d!  So I had my NT scan on Thursday.  I'm still waiting for the full results (the blood test) but from the ultrasound, almost everything is normal.  The NT measurement was 1.8mm which they told me was well within normal range.  The only thing that raised any flags was that the baby has a Reversed Ductus Venosus.  It basically means the blood flow is going the wrong way in one chamber of the heart.  It could mean a whole lot of different things, but the most common is that the baby will have a heart murmur.  So I had to schedule two ultrasounds while I was there.  One is an anatomy ultrasound that will happen on 2/25 and the other is a fetal echo cardiogram that will happen on 3/17.  They said that with the heart problem, most of the time it's a murmur.  If it is something more serious, most of the time it's something they can fix with a surgery or medication after birth.  Very rarely is it something that cannot be treated/fixed.  So I'm not going to worry about that until I need to.  The heart rate was 156 which they said was good. 

The woman who did the ultrasound said the baby was laying against my uterine wall and was not ok with moving.  I should have drank a little juice in the morning... I decided against it at the last minute.  Well, she was annoyed because it was hard to get the measurements they needed.  She kept pushing the wand into my stomach and "jiggling" it to "cause an earthquake for baby."  It left a bruise (or at least it felt like that).   I know she didn't hurt the baby or anything, but dang she hurt me!  Baby kept putting it's hands up like a boxer.  LOL.  Felt pretty cool to see it looking like a baby and not a little kidney bean.  I'm so excited for my next scan since we get to find out boy or girl!

I made Hubby come with me to Babies R Us this weekend to look at baby gear and such.  To give him an idea of the things I'm looking at getting and so he can give me his opinion.  He liked just about everything I picked.  He's getting sick of gender neutral colors, but I explained to him that we're doing gender neutral on the crib, stroller, pack n play, etc so that we don't have to buy new ones if we have a girl this time and a boy with our next baby.  He understood after that, but I think he's wondering if I'm going to get all gender neutral clothing, and all the little extras.  Definitely not.  I'm going to go with blues, reds for a boy, and purples for a girl.  I don't like pinks so much.  I don't mind it in moderation, but not all pink.

Other than that, I'm starting to feel back to normal.  My taste buds are still really off, everything tastes horrible, no matter what it is.  So I'm going to try gargling with a salt/water mix and then there's another one that is a baking soda/water mix.  I'm going to see if either of those work, hopefully they will.... otherwise I'm doomed to have this bad taste until it decides to go away.  :( 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year and a New Trimester

Well, almost. LOL.  I'm starting to feel better.  I woke up Christmas morning with sore throat and it just kept getting worse.  I ended up having a low grade fever two days later.  It only lasted a few hours, thank goodness.  But after it broke, my cold got better.  I'm still a little congested and I still cough every now and then, but I think it's more dry winter air than anything else. 

Other than that, I'm starting to feel back to normal.  I still get tired from time to time.  I'm usually ready for bed by 10 or 11.  Which is very unlike me.  But outside of that, I am getting my appetite back, not so much for meat still, but more things sound appetizing when I'm trying to figure out what to eat.  I am feeling pressure in my abdomen, but I'm not showing yet... I still just have my gut that I had before I was pregnant.  LOL!  I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant, except it's all fat! So I'm trying to hide that hoping it'll go down as I start to show more.

I have another ultrasound, an NT scan, next Thursday.  I'll be 12w4d.  I don't think they are going to be able to tell me the sex of the baby, but I'm going to ask them if they can look anyway.  Hopefully the baby will be moving a bit at the ultrasound.  I was reading that if you drink a little soda or juice shortly before the scan, the sugars will get the LO moving.  So I think I'm just going to have a sip or two of juice.  I don't want him/her moving too much so they can't get the measurements they need!  LOL. 

And thank goodness, my midwife said I can cut back to 1 of those suppositories a day instead of two!  I can't tell you how happy that made me!  I have to take them until 13 weeks, so I have 10 or 11 days left to take them.