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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year and a New Trimester

Well, almost. LOL.  I'm starting to feel better.  I woke up Christmas morning with sore throat and it just kept getting worse.  I ended up having a low grade fever two days later.  It only lasted a few hours, thank goodness.  But after it broke, my cold got better.  I'm still a little congested and I still cough every now and then, but I think it's more dry winter air than anything else. 

Other than that, I'm starting to feel back to normal.  I still get tired from time to time.  I'm usually ready for bed by 10 or 11.  Which is very unlike me.  But outside of that, I am getting my appetite back, not so much for meat still, but more things sound appetizing when I'm trying to figure out what to eat.  I am feeling pressure in my abdomen, but I'm not showing yet... I still just have my gut that I had before I was pregnant.  LOL!  I look like I'm about 5 months pregnant, except it's all fat! So I'm trying to hide that hoping it'll go down as I start to show more.

I have another ultrasound, an NT scan, next Thursday.  I'll be 12w4d.  I don't think they are going to be able to tell me the sex of the baby, but I'm going to ask them if they can look anyway.  Hopefully the baby will be moving a bit at the ultrasound.  I was reading that if you drink a little soda or juice shortly before the scan, the sugars will get the LO moving.  So I think I'm just going to have a sip or two of juice.  I don't want him/her moving too much so they can't get the measurements they need!  LOL. 

And thank goodness, my midwife said I can cut back to 1 of those suppositories a day instead of two!  I can't tell you how happy that made me!  I have to take them until 13 weeks, so I have 10 or 11 days left to take them.

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