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Monday, January 17, 2011

Officially in my second trimester!

Woohoo! 13w1d!  So I had my NT scan on Thursday.  I'm still waiting for the full results (the blood test) but from the ultrasound, almost everything is normal.  The NT measurement was 1.8mm which they told me was well within normal range.  The only thing that raised any flags was that the baby has a Reversed Ductus Venosus.  It basically means the blood flow is going the wrong way in one chamber of the heart.  It could mean a whole lot of different things, but the most common is that the baby will have a heart murmur.  So I had to schedule two ultrasounds while I was there.  One is an anatomy ultrasound that will happen on 2/25 and the other is a fetal echo cardiogram that will happen on 3/17.  They said that with the heart problem, most of the time it's a murmur.  If it is something more serious, most of the time it's something they can fix with a surgery or medication after birth.  Very rarely is it something that cannot be treated/fixed.  So I'm not going to worry about that until I need to.  The heart rate was 156 which they said was good. 

The woman who did the ultrasound said the baby was laying against my uterine wall and was not ok with moving.  I should have drank a little juice in the morning... I decided against it at the last minute.  Well, she was annoyed because it was hard to get the measurements they needed.  She kept pushing the wand into my stomach and "jiggling" it to "cause an earthquake for baby."  It left a bruise (or at least it felt like that).   I know she didn't hurt the baby or anything, but dang she hurt me!  Baby kept putting it's hands up like a boxer.  LOL.  Felt pretty cool to see it looking like a baby and not a little kidney bean.  I'm so excited for my next scan since we get to find out boy or girl!

I made Hubby come with me to Babies R Us this weekend to look at baby gear and such.  To give him an idea of the things I'm looking at getting and so he can give me his opinion.  He liked just about everything I picked.  He's getting sick of gender neutral colors, but I explained to him that we're doing gender neutral on the crib, stroller, pack n play, etc so that we don't have to buy new ones if we have a girl this time and a boy with our next baby.  He understood after that, but I think he's wondering if I'm going to get all gender neutral clothing, and all the little extras.  Definitely not.  I'm going to go with blues, reds for a boy, and purples for a girl.  I don't like pinks so much.  I don't mind it in moderation, but not all pink.

Other than that, I'm starting to feel back to normal.  My taste buds are still really off, everything tastes horrible, no matter what it is.  So I'm going to try gargling with a salt/water mix and then there's another one that is a baking soda/water mix.  I'm going to see if either of those work, hopefully they will.... otherwise I'm doomed to have this bad taste until it decides to go away.  :( 

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