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Saturday, February 5, 2011

And we are having a......

Before I spill that... I had some drama the other day.  Basically I fell on some ice outside my house last weekend.  I didn't have any spotting or cramping, so I didn't think anything of it.  Turns out 5 days later I started spotting and light bleeding.  I went to the midwife's office and she said everything looked ok as far as she could tell.  She wanted me to have an ultrasound just to make sure.  So yesterday I went for the ultrasound over at the hospital.  They did the ultrasound, everything was fine.  They couldn't see any reason why I'd be spotting. 

Then the tech asked me if I wanted to know what we were having.  I said yes, but because Hubby wasn't with me, I couldn't find out without him.  She said if I wanted, she would write it down and seal it in an envelope, so we could look at it together.  Looks like we are welcoming a little boy in July!  I have to admit, I was really set that it was a girl... I just felt it was a girl for some reason.  I was definitely wrong! LOL.  We're still not going to tell family until the end of the month after our anatomy scan, just so we can make sure.  15w 5d is early to find gender still, so I just want to see with my own eyes before we go spreading the word.  When she was checking gender, she told me to turn my head so I couldn't see it. LOL.  I'm really excited now!  Went out today just browsing the boy clothes, seeing if anything was on clearance (to be honest, I was looking for a winter coat thing that I can leave on the kid when buckling him into a carseat, cuz they'd be on clearance now).  I didn't find a darn thing.  But I did only go to Burlington Coat Factory.  I think I'm going to try Marshall's.  That's where my one friend found one for super cheap.  I'm also going to look at Babies R Us maybe tomorrow morning.  I don't feel like running out again today.

And now I get to make dinner so Hubby can eat before work!  So excited and it's awesome to know this is just between Hubby and I right now.  It's kinda nice to have a little secret.  :) 

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