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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Appt this Afternoon

So this afternoon I'm going to the chiropractor. I'm not exactly excited about it. I'm actually kinda scared... don't know if I like the idea of someone popping my bones, especially my spine. LOL. But with the amount of pain I'm in from my fall a few weeks ago, I'm going to do what I have to. I cannot believe how bad my hip is hurting almost constantly now. And it doesn't help that our little boy likes to sit right on that side of my uterus against my pelvic bone. So at 3:45 this afternoon, I go to see if they can do anything about it. I'm actually pretty worried that I really injured my hip. Not like broke it, but maybe fractured it near the joint. That's where all the pain is, right where the femur head sits in the socket (maybe I'm wrong with the names of bones or whatever, but you get what I mean). I'm just really hoping they can do something for me.

This next week is exciting for me. I get to have lunch with some friends on Sunday then Friday (25th) I get to see my little boy again on ultrasound. Hopefully this time see with my own eyes what we're having! LOL. I saved the receipts for all those clothes I bought so far, just in case. LOL!

Well, since I'm working, I guess I should stop blogging and get back to work. I'll probably post an update when I get back from my appt to share if I had any relief or not... We'll see. :)

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