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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chiropractor update

Well, Chiropractor is a bust.  He was going to need to see me 3 times a week for about a month, then about twice a week until the baby is born... It's going to cost us about a third of what we'd be able to put into savings... I can't do that.... So I'm just trying to deal with the pain for now.  Some days it's really bad, like Sunday night, I was in tears.  I couldn't even get myself up off the couch because it hurt so bad.  The worst part is, it's not just painful when I put weight on it, it's any movement of my leg.  So even just trying to stand without putting weight on it, can be incredibly painful.  After doing some research, I think I have a pregnancy related symptom called SPD.  It causes pain like this... usually only in rare cases.  So lucky me. 

Other than that, I'm feeling pretty good.  I get to see my little man again on Friday for my anatomy scan.  I get to see the little boy parts for myself and get a little confirmation. LOL!  I've been skeptical because last time I didn't get to see it for myself.  It should be a good day, Hubby and I both have off work, I'm hoping to get him to go to lunch with me downtown before my appt.  I don't think he'll put up too much of a fight. :) 

Ha! I just felt my little man kick I think... it was like a sharp little poke from the inside.  LOL! So cool!  I've felt like popcorn before, but that's the first solid kick I think!  Don't know if I could have felt it from the outside, but I felt it inside!  LOL!  On that note, I'll end this post and get back to work. :)

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