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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I went shopping this weekend!

So I have been on a mission to find a little jacket/bundle thing for this baby.  Up until this weekend, I was looking for a gender neutral one, and was only finding ones in either pink or blue.  It's a good thing I didn't go with my intuition, or else my little boy would be wearing a pink jacket.... Well, this Sunday, I went to Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Target and Babies R Us looking for a jacket thing.  Wasn't really looking for anything else, but figured if I saw something on clearance I'd go ahead and get it, but nothing that was full price.  So I spent $28 and I'm so proud of myself for everything I got!!! 

I found a jacket thing on the clearance rack at BRU.  It's a blue fleece zip up that has a teddy bear embroidered on the left side, then the hood has teddy bear ears.  They were having a deal for buy one, get one for $2 on clearance clothing.  So I got a little pair of gray sweatpants thing too.  I was supposed to pay $14 for the jacket, then $2 for the pants... The cashier who rang me up was having issues getting stuff to come up at the right price, so he had to manually ring my order, like type in the prices... He gave me the pants for $10 and the jacket for $2!  HA!  A $28 jacket for $2!  So excited!  Believe it or not, Babies R Us was the last place I went too! 

Marshall's didn't really have anything, a lot of cute stuff, but nothing I really wanted to spend money on yet, nothing that really stood out. 

Went to TJ Maxx first, found a 5 pack of onesies.  They are sports related, one says Mommy's allstar, another says Daddy's #1 Draft pick, then another says Future Quarterback.  LOL.  So stinking cute. 

Then I went to Target, they didn't have any jackets either.  But looking on their clearance rack, I found a really cute little christmas jacket thing.  It's a brown fleece jacket that says "Santa's favorite" on the left side with a little reindeer embroidered.  Then the hood has reindeer antlers and ears on the top! 

After that, I ended up with 5 onesies, 2 jacket things, and a pair of pants for $28.  Adding everything up with regular prices, it would have been close to $85!  So awesome!  Hubby wasn't even mad at me, which was a huge bonus! I figured he wouldn't be happy with me buying baby clothes already (because we know our families are going to go crazy with that stuff). 

I had a doctors appointment today, just a regular appointment.  Everything is going good so far!  Little bean kept running from heartbeat monitor too.  We got him on the monitor for about 20 seconds, then he'd move, from then on out, we could only get a beat or two before he was moving again!  He was not having it today! LOL.  Cannot wait until the 25th when I have my anatomy scan, hopefully my little man is moving around a little more. 

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