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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 20

So things are getting better with my hip!  I think.... It hasn't been hurting quite as much.  I'm hoping it's getting better on it's own.  Outside of that, not a whole lot is going on.  We got confirmation a little over a week ago that it's a boy!  Everything that the little boy would let them see looked good.  They were going to have me come back in a few weeks to get another scan done so they could see everything, but since I have a fetal echo scheduled for March 17th, so they're just going to take some extra time during that ultrasound to check what they couldn't see at the anatomy scan. 

I went to a crop (scrapbooking event for those who don't know) with my mom yesterday.  I got 3 sets of pages done for the baby book I'm working on and I got a page set done for Hubby and my album.  It's a Christmas page set for this coming year.  My mom thinks I'm weird cuz I am currently making pages for pics I don't have. LOL.  She only does pages for pics she already has.  I don't know... I can do them either way.  I also worked on some Thank you cards for my shower.  Figure I'm going to need them, may as well make them now while I have time.  I had all the paper for them, so I really didn't want to buy them. 

By the time I got home last night, my back hurt sooooo bad!  I guess it was just sitting in those chairs (the fold up metal kind) for like 8 hours.  Felt so good to come home and curl up in my memory foam bed!  I really think that is the best purchase Hubby and I have made in a long time. 

I've been feeling my little one move a lot too.  It's reassuring, kinda like having my own little doppler.  LOL.  They aren't really strong yet and they aren't constant, but it has been a decent amount.  Hubby still hasn't been able to feel them yet, I haven't been able to feel them from the outside either.  I'm just waiting, I know here in a few weeks it'll be stronger and Hubby will be able to feel it soon.  He's getting excited I think... Seeing his little boy on the screen really made him happy.  It's almost like it wasn't really real to him until then.  The ultarsound was sooo cool.  I got to see his feet and hands, and it was neat cuz we could actually tell what most of him was (well, I could) without the tech explaining it to us.  :)  Felt really good to see him!

Last Sunday we told our families that we were having a boy.  We had everyone over to my Mom's house.  Well, everyone except Hubby's Dad.  He had to work and couldn't get there in time, so he told us to just tell everyone else and he'd hear later.  So we had lasagna, salad, bread... Everyone expected us to make an announcement.  So after everyone was done eating we said that the answer was in the cake we brought.  I had dyed the inside of the cake blue. Hubby's mom cut the cake and everyone could tell... it was a BRIGHT blue. LOL  Everyone was really excited.  I noticed my mom went outside with her little pup for a bit... when I went out, she was upset.  She realized this is the first of many family functions/announcements that my dad wouldn't be here for.  She asked me if I miss him.  I think it bothers my family that I haven't just broken down and cried in front of them or something. 

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