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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glucose Test Tomorrow

So tomorrow morning I have my Gestational Diabetes test... I'm really not looking forward to it.  I don't have to fast or do anything special like that, except skip my regular morning bagel tomorrow and just have eggs instead.  I'm just not looking forward to having to drink that stuff.  Just because I'm not really big on sweets, so a super sweet drink is not going to taste good.  LOL.  I'm probably thinking it's worse than it's going to be... just not really looking forward to it. LOL

Other than that, my belly has POPPED!  I officially start my third trimester in just a few days!  So excited!  And my first baby shower is in 1 month!  So excited!  I'm meeting with one of my best friends tomorrow, she's going to plan my second shower for me down here for friends... Between my mom and MIL, the list was almost 60 people for just family!  WOW!  So my friend offered to do one down here, and I told her I know it's a financial burden, so I'd help as far as making food, paying for things, etc.  And that we'd just do it here at my house, so we don't have to find/pay for a place.  It's really exciting to see everyone again.  A lot of these people I haven't really seen since my dad's funeral. 

I am feeling kicks like crazy!  I have another appt with my Midwife next week.  I'll get the results of my Glucose test and hopefully I'm not measuring weeks ahead again!  Now, just to make myself miserable... I'm going to try to paint my toenails.  LOL  It's finally sandal/flipflop weather and I intend to take advantage!  I'm so tired of trying to tie my shoes.  I have a gift cert for a massage too, def need to schedule that soon!  I keep forgetting about it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll make an appt.  Get myself a little pampering!  :) 

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