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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time is going slow!

Just when I was happy because things were moving and felt like the pregnancy was going quick, everything slows down.  LOL.  I think it's because I have another 3 weeks before my next appt, another 6 weeks before my family shower, and another 9 weeks before my shower with friends.  I sort of feel like I did about 2-3 months before my wedding.  All the planning was done, I was just waiting for the next big event to come along.  LOL 

Other than that, I've been pretty good.  It's been getting warmer outside, so I've been feeling a lot better!  Took my pooch to the dog park today after work since it's finally light out for about an hour or two after I get done work. 

I also have $50 in Kohl's Cash that I need to use... Sad thing about it is I bought everything I needed when I placed the order that gave me the Kohl's cash.  So now I don't really have a whole lot to buy. LOL  Hubby has told me I'm not allowed to get anything like baby clothes or anything, so I'm kinda at a loss.  I don't really want to buy more maternity clothes or anything, I have a decent stash... Well, at least decent enough that it'll sustain me for what I need it for.  Since I work from home, I can get away with wearing big tshirts and such.  When I do go out, I have probably 8 or 10 shirts I can wear.  Plus my mom got me a lightweight sweater.  So I'm kinda set.  Guess I'll look and see what baby gear I can get for $50 and just order that.  LOL

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