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Thursday, May 5, 2011

29 weeks down, 11 to go

I have been going crazy this week.  My hubby, bless his heart, is not getting that I'm going crazy with the nesting stuff, and I'm trying not to nag him too much.  He's getting upset with me about how much I'm nagging him now, but I think what he doesn't realize is that literally all I think about all day is getting the house ready and done so that I can help him with as much as possible before I'm so big that I can't move around.  I mean, he complains now that I can't help him with certain projects because I'm pregnant, it's not going to get any better between now and when the baby is born.  And I'm not going to be able to do these things for about 6 weeks after the baby is born either.  It drives me crazy that my priorities and his are no where near the same.  He's complaining at me to get my scrapbooking stuff organized (we just moved it from the nursery to the basement bedroom), but I don't see that as an immediate issue, I'd much rather spend time working on the floors in the nursery or shampooing the carpet in our living room.  The baby will probably never be downstairs unless he's down there with me while I'm scrapbooking (which I don't really do too much anymore because again, I have other things that need my attention right now).

I guess what's really getting to me is that Hubby doesn't have every weekend off.  I do.  He complains now that he doesn't have people to help him out because it seems like the only time he can do the projects are during the week on days he has off when everyone else is working.  I can't get through to him that he needs to do these projects on the weekends then when people are off and can help him.  I told him earlier this week, if he's going to do the floors in the nursery and he wants help, he needs to call people then and ask them.  You can't wait until Saturday morning to ask people to help you because by then they'll most likely have plans.  It's just annoying that if I try to reason with him, he doesn't listen, but when I bug him to get it done, he complains about why he can't do it because he didn't do the planning earlier when I told him he needed to. 

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