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Monday, May 23, 2011

9 weeks left!

So I had my family shower this past weekend.  So great.  I was a little disappointed because there were so many people invited and only about 18 RSVP'd that they'd be there.  That's how many were there.  I was more disappointed because it would have been nice to see everyone.  I haven't really seen my family since my Dad's funeral, and on Hubby's side there were some I haven't seen in years because we keep missing each other at family events.  But it probably worked out for the better because our car was so loaded down that I couldn't even see out the back window as we were driving home!!!  Not to mention that Puppy only had one seat in the back to sit on.  The rest was chock full! :)  Makes me feel so good to know my LO is loved so much before he even gets here.  And on top of that, we did get a good amount of our bigger items, which I definitely did not expect!  We got our high chair and pack n play.  We actually got two of our high chair and I returned one for store credit.  We're going to use that money to order our crib and mattress.  My brother is so wonderful, when he heard we didn't get our carseat/travel system, he told me he'd buy that as a gift to us.  So that literally just leaves the swing for us to buy.  So amazing.  Aside from the big stuff, we got a good amount of clothes, a lot of bath stuff, and some great little toy items.  I really do feel so grateful that we have such awesome family and friends.  I have a friends shower in a few weeks.

Aside from the shower, I've been feeling pretty good.  The little man is in there kicking and stretching and pushing me around.  I have my appts every 3 weeks right now.  After my next appt in a few weeks I start ever other week.  Then in July it's every week.  Things are getting so close!!  I actually have almost everything I need to pack my diaper bag and my hospital bag.  I only have 4 weeks left until they won't stop my labor if it happens!  It feels so crazy to be this close, and then again I have days where I feel like it's taking forever!  Hubby keeps saying "We still have 2 months before we have to worry about stuff."  He just doesn't get that in 4 weeks if I go into labor, we're having the baby, there's no stopping it. LOL  I think he'll understand once we're closer to then.  I need to get on him about reading the books too.  He's pretty good about it, but I want to make sure he has time to read them and know what's going on in the hospital and when we first get home.  I have a meeting with a pediatrician on July 1st.  It's later than I'd like, but it's the first time they could get us in.  Then I have my breastfeeding class on July 7th.  So much stuff is going on in the next few months!

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