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Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 weeks and counting

We are down to just three weeks left!  I guess I really should pack my hospital bag and get the car seat base installed. LOL  Not to mention figure out what outfit I'm going to bring Joey home in and wash it. LOL  And I guess I should get the crib kinda cleaned out and make his room usable... right now, everything is crammed in there (car seat, strollers, baby bath, etc).  I need to find a place for all these things and get Hubby to get his computer out of there.  I should feel more of a rush to get this stuff done, I just don't.  LOL  I'm also going to start making some freezer meals this weekend.  Figure since I have an extra day off for the holiday I may as well put it to good use. 

So I was talking with our neighbor the other day, found out the house just a few doors down has a new tenant... the person who owns it just rents it out... It's usually oddballs that live there.  The new tenant is a single mom with two kids who have both been in a decent amount of trouble with the law already.  One of them has an ankle tracker and is currently on house arrest.  I'm curious what the offense was... I don't like it.... especially since Hubby works 3rds.  Makes me nervous as it is being here by myself at night, now we're going to have Joey here too, I'm not looking forward to it.  Hopefully once Hubby and I get a few more credit cards paid off we can get a security system put in.... Our neighborhood isn't a bad one, but a lot of section 8 housing has been approved here the last few months or whatever... It makes me nervous. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 weeks and counting!

I am ready I think.  At least with having a lot of the actual stuff we would need/want for baby. LOL  With 5 weeks left, my midwife won't stop labor anymore!  So if it happens, he's coming!  I'm excited.  I have an appt next week and they will check me to see if I'm dialated or anything, and apparently that's the only time they'll check me until I go into labor.  I guess that's a good thing because I've heard it's just uncomfortable.  I can only imagine since a regular exam when you're not preggo is uncomfortable. 

Other than that... Hubby and FIL put a new front door on our house today!  Only took all day but it looks great, from the outside.... we still have to do the trim from the inside.  But it's awesome to have the new door.  One less project on the list before Joey gets here!

Hubby and I have a concert tomorrow too!  We bought these tix back in November before we knew we were pregnant.  Feels like we've been looking forward to this forever!  The only thing I'm not looking forward to, it's 2 hours away from home.  My midwife ok'd me to travel that far, and we're stopping along the way, so it won't be 2 hours straight in a vehicle, which will be good for me.  And my midwife told me with this being my first, even if I feel like labor is starting during the concert, we probably have enough time to finish watching the concert, drive back home and get to the hospital. LOL  I doubt anything will happen this weekend though, obviously.  Although the Braxton Hicks have gotten super annoying!  They're getting to the point that they're just beyond uncomfortable.  But I still feel them all at the top of my stomach, not the bottom and they are sporatic, so I don't take them too seriously.  Really can't wait for this to be done though, so excited and anxious to see my little man!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 more weeks till my EDD

We've managed to get quite a few things done since my last post.  I can't remember if I posted it on here or not, but Hubby finally pulled the carpets up in the nursery and the hardwoods are great!  They need a little work, but nothing that a sanding and resealing couldn't fix.  I have a rug that covers a decent amount of the floor anyway, so we're not too concerned with it for right now.  I still have to get shoe molding and install it too, but again, I'm not too worried about trying to get it done before our LO gets here because it's something I can do in one day when I'm actually able to move up and down off the floor.  LOL 

We also got our crib just a few days ago and Hubby and I put it together this morning.  Very exciting!  I washed the bedding set I got and put it all on the crib and such.  The only thing we have left to do in the nursery now (aside from the aforementioned shoe molding), is moving Hubby's computer and file cabinet out, one more box has to be moved out, and the recliner needs to go up there for when I'm breastfeeding.  I've decided to use a recliner we have in our living room (that we never use) instead of buying a new glider, it just makes sense.  Not only will it save us a couple hundred dollars, but it will open up floor space in our small living room for the pack n play or swing, whatever baby gear we keep on the main floor of our house.  Oh, I guess there is one other thing that needs to be done.  I am going to have Hubby cut about 2 or 3 inches off the dresser we're using in the nursery for a changer/dresser.  Basically it's an old dresser that the previous owners left here.  I cleaned it up and got Hubby to move it up there and realized it's too tall.  It's almost ribcage height now, so once we put a changing pad on there, it's going to be ridiculous!  Since it has 3 or 4 inch base on it though, I can get him to cut it down a bit and hopefully it'll be more functional.  If not, then I guess I'll have to go out and look for something that will work. 

And last but not least, we managed to pick a first name for our son!  I don't have to call him little one or little boy anymore!  His name will be Joseph.  Joseph is my father's baptismal name and also my uncle's (who was my Godfather) name.  So it has sentimental meaning to me, especially now.  It's been a little over 6 months since my dad passed, and it's been years since I lost my uncle.  Hubby and I have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 names, either Joseph Jeffery (his dad's name is Jeffery) or Joseph Corbin.  Corbin is a name I came across that means Raven in Irish.  I'm Irish, so I love it immediately, and I was hoping Hubby would get on board because he's a Baltimore Ravens fan.  Not to mention, if Joey's middle name is Corbin, his initials would be the same as Hubby's dad, which would be special too.  But then Hubby has to throw a monkey wrench into things and say he's not really sure, because there are some other middle names he likes too.  I'm just letting him go until the baby is born.  I'm just glad to finally have a first name. 

So now with 6 weeks left, I am starting to feel the effects of the extra weight.  I've only gained 15 lbs or so, but with how it's distributed on my body, it's just so hard.  It seems like it's all belly.  Everyone tells me I don't look pregnant from the back, but the minute I turn, I'm huge.  I've been dealing with back pain, and then to top it off, I managed to pull a muscle at the top of my abdomen when I was coughing.  Ugh, it's been miserable!  But we're almost to the end.  And I'm to the point where they most likely wouldn't stop labor if it started on it's own.  And since I'm measuring on schedule now (not 3 weeks ahead like I had been for almost the whole pregnancy), I'm not as scared that Joey is coming early.  I figure since I'm a FTM, he's probably going to be late.  But then again, I had the miscarriage last year, so I'm wondering if since my body has been through this (not completely, but the dialating and such) already, if that will make a difference.  I'm surprised there aren't more studies or information out there about this.  I tried to research it and didn't really find anything.