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Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 weeks and counting

We are down to just three weeks left!  I guess I really should pack my hospital bag and get the car seat base installed. LOL  Not to mention figure out what outfit I'm going to bring Joey home in and wash it. LOL  And I guess I should get the crib kinda cleaned out and make his room usable... right now, everything is crammed in there (car seat, strollers, baby bath, etc).  I need to find a place for all these things and get Hubby to get his computer out of there.  I should feel more of a rush to get this stuff done, I just don't.  LOL  I'm also going to start making some freezer meals this weekend.  Figure since I have an extra day off for the holiday I may as well put it to good use. 

So I was talking with our neighbor the other day, found out the house just a few doors down has a new tenant... the person who owns it just rents it out... It's usually oddballs that live there.  The new tenant is a single mom with two kids who have both been in a decent amount of trouble with the law already.  One of them has an ankle tracker and is currently on house arrest.  I'm curious what the offense was... I don't like it.... especially since Hubby works 3rds.  Makes me nervous as it is being here by myself at night, now we're going to have Joey here too, I'm not looking forward to it.  Hopefully once Hubby and I get a few more credit cards paid off we can get a security system put in.... Our neighborhood isn't a bad one, but a lot of section 8 housing has been approved here the last few months or whatever... It makes me nervous. 

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