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Friday, June 17, 2011

5 weeks and counting!

I am ready I think.  At least with having a lot of the actual stuff we would need/want for baby. LOL  With 5 weeks left, my midwife won't stop labor anymore!  So if it happens, he's coming!  I'm excited.  I have an appt next week and they will check me to see if I'm dialated or anything, and apparently that's the only time they'll check me until I go into labor.  I guess that's a good thing because I've heard it's just uncomfortable.  I can only imagine since a regular exam when you're not preggo is uncomfortable. 

Other than that... Hubby and FIL put a new front door on our house today!  Only took all day but it looks great, from the outside.... we still have to do the trim from the inside.  But it's awesome to have the new door.  One less project on the list before Joey gets here!

Hubby and I have a concert tomorrow too!  We bought these tix back in November before we knew we were pregnant.  Feels like we've been looking forward to this forever!  The only thing I'm not looking forward to, it's 2 hours away from home.  My midwife ok'd me to travel that far, and we're stopping along the way, so it won't be 2 hours straight in a vehicle, which will be good for me.  And my midwife told me with this being my first, even if I feel like labor is starting during the concert, we probably have enough time to finish watching the concert, drive back home and get to the hospital. LOL  I doubt anything will happen this weekend though, obviously.  Although the Braxton Hicks have gotten super annoying!  They're getting to the point that they're just beyond uncomfortable.  But I still feel them all at the top of my stomach, not the bottom and they are sporatic, so I don't take them too seriously.  Really can't wait for this to be done though, so excited and anxious to see my little man!

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