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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a few more days.

So an update since my last post.  Hubby and I went up to the in-laws house for a dinner to celebrate MIL and grandma-in-law's bdays.  I was working, and around 11am I started having contractions.  They were sporadic, about 5-10 min apart.  By 4 they were pretty strong and getting painful.  I asked my boss if I could sign out early and I'd use PTO for the rest of the day, they said yes.  It was pretty bad.  I told Hubby's gma what was going on and I made it through most of dinner with them.  I decided to take a nap.  Hubby had been up for 30 hours and he was in no condition to drive home.  He had to work the night before, then had a golf game with some friends during the day.  I let him nap for a little bit, but then I had to get home.  The contractions were so painful and were consistently 6 min apart.  When we got home, I packed the rest of my hospital bag and decided to get a shower.  I told Hubby to go to bed immediately so just in case we had to get to the hospital, he could be functional.  He didn't need any persuasion for that.  LOL  I took a shower and got dressed so I could call my midwife and find out if she wanted me to head to the hospital.  Don't you know, I laid down, decided to time 2 or 3 more contractions first.  They completely stopped.  So after 13 hours of contractions, they stopped.  :(  I was soooo upset.  But I was also extremely tired, so I just went to bed.  Since then I've had some random contractions here or there, but nothing grouped together or anything.  I am so irritated by this.  I was really hoping to not have to work this week and having my little man here!  But I guess I will be working again.  I'm still debating about asking my midwife to strip my membranes and do a cervical check on Wednesday when I go in.  I want labor to start, but I've heard that can be very painful.  Ugh... guess I'll talk to her and see what she says first.  But either way I will have my little man here next week.  I'm going to be induced on the 25th if I don't go into labor before then.  So there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! LOL

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