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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Almost 7w!

Wow... Time is flying!  Monkey is almost 7w old!  We're working on getting into a schedule now.  I am trying to get him down for the night at 9 or so each night.  He's doing great with sleeping through the night.  I'm considering myself really lucky.  He really is a happy baby and so far has been a relatively easy baby.  The issues I'm having haven't been with him, they've been other issues. 

I've be having vasospasms after I'm done feeding him, which is very painful.  It's so painful I'm to the point I was debating stopping breastfeeding.  :(  I will admit, it still really really hurts, but I was given a few things to try.  I'm hoping at least 1 of these 3 things works.  I feel really guilty wanting to stop, but at the same time, I just can't see myself dealing with this constant pain for the next 10 months... And I've been dealing with over supply.  It's all been so much fun.  Things are evening out a little, but it's still just really hard... 

I'm going to start pumping more regularly.  Monkey is feeding from one side at a time, so I'm thinking I'll just pump the other side, build up my stash for when I go back to work.  That way if I start having an issue where I'm not getting at least one feeding from each pumping, I'll have enough to keep him on BM for a while.  Worst case scenario, I'll be stashing it and donating (and really that's not bad, I'd love to be able to help a baby have BM). Or maybe it'll work out that I can exclusively bottle feed once Monkey hits 10 or 11 months.  I have a friend who did that... Had enough in her stash that she could stop pumping and BF'ing at almost 11 months and still give her LO breast milk until a little over a year.  

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