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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wow... almost a year.  I've been so absent from my blog that it isn't funny.  So much has happened.  We dealt with going back to work (a horrible experience), getting a babysitter/nanny, firing that babysitter/nanny and hiring a new one, stopping nursing and exclusively pumping, then stopping exclusively pumping and starting formula... Crawling, now the beginnings of walking.  It's absolutely crazy.  Now this blog is going to convert more to a general my life blog.  I'll post recipes I find, crafts I do, home projects I complete... then you know, the general complaining that needs to get out about day to day life so my head doesn't explode.  :)

Right now, my focus is on losing weight, going back to school, and somehow getting out from under our mortgage. 

Losing weight, I haven't lost a pound since Monkey was born.  It's bad.  I exercised and ate decent, but it's not enough.  So now I'm using MyFitnessPal and really tracking every bite and every bit of exercise. 

Going back to school.... I recently had a bad experience with a local college.  I signed up for online courses, was waiting for financial aid and kept getting emails saying my classes would be cancelled if I didn't pay my tuition.  But every time I called in to ask about it, they told me that because I was waiting for financial aid I didn't have to worry about it, that there was a hold on my account.  After about a month of getting emails and 4 calls into the student services and financial aid offices, they dropped my classes.  I was so upset.  And after getting on teh phone with them to tell them it was their error, not mine, they told me the best I could do is re-register... but all the classes were waitlisted, so I wouldn't have gotten in anyway.  How horrible is that?  I was so mad and I felt it was such a joke with how they were running their program, that I withdrew from the college and demanded all my money back, including my application fee.  After filing a formal complaint, they agreed.  And of course, right after all of this, Hubby starts talking about going back to school.  So now I'm in limbo, because it would be much faster for him to complete his degree than for me to get a new one, and his company will pretty much pay for it all.  Mine won't pay a dime.  So I wait..... again.

Our mortgage... This is the bain of my existance right now.  We are in no means in danger of losing our house, we have the ability to pay the mortgage and taxes and such.  But at 40k underwater, I don't see the point anymore.  Our original goal was always to be in this house for 4-5 years.  We're hitting the 4 year mark and if we have to wait for the market to go back up, it's going to be another 10 years before we can leave, and that's not acceptable.  If I could convince Hubby of my standpoint, we'd strategically default.  We'd be able to recover our credit well before the market will recover and we'd make a profit on selling this house.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  And if the banks could just stick it to the taxpayers and leave us footing the bill for their arogant ways, why can't I tell them to shove it by not paying my bills?  Why is it ok for them to run around screwing people over in the name of "what's profitable" and I'm expected to keep paying my mortgage and taking a loss on investment?  It's a two way street when you have a contract.  I've held up my end by paying my mortgage on time and doing my best to keep my property value up.  My house is well kept, my yard is well kept.  So why haven't the banks kept up their end of this deal by flooding the market with foreclosures instead of helping people stay in their homes?  And why price them soooo low to drive down everyone else's property values.  This whole situation we're in right now, is the Big Banks faults. 

More to come later.  I'm going to try to start blogging weekly at least.  It feels good to just write down what's going on and get out some of these thoughts running through my head constantly.  :)

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